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The Real Food Company

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Organic Bread

We have fresh organic bread from two different artisan bakeries. The majority of our breads are made using a slow fermentation process, which we believe improves the digestibility and flavour of the bread. Some are sourdoughs that have been fermented for up to three days, others are yeasted breads that have had around 24 hours to ferment.

The range includes:

  • Wholewheat bloomers
  • White bloomers
  • White sourdough loaves
  • Rye sourdough loaves
  • Spelt sourdough loaves
  • Ciabatta with olive or tomato
  • Segale, a half rye, half wheat loaf in the Italian style
  • Integrale, an Italian style wholewheat loaf
  • Herb bread, that is amazing with soup
  • Walnut sourdough that is especially good with cheese
  • Campagne, a sourdough white loaf
  • Wholewheat yeasted loaf
  • Spelt yeasted loaf
  • Gluten free or Grain free bread available to order
  • Staffordshire Oatcakes (free from milk powder) a truly local delicacy

This bread is delivered fresh every Tuesday. It has great keeping qualities and freezes very well.