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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Unfiltered - Greece 500ml

by Kotinos
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Kotinos extra virgin cold processed olive oil is an award winning artisan olive oil from Greece.

It is a mono-varietal (Koroneiki olive variety) and a single origin olive oil. It is produced by family owned olive groves in Greece which are close to Ancient Olympia.

Kotinos olive oil has a unique fruity taste with a mildly pungent, peppery finish and a clean fresh smell.

It is unfiltered, cold extracted, with low acidity and free of any contaminants and additives

Main characteristics:

  • Single estate, artisan oil
  • 100% pure extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold extracted
  • Unfiltered
  • Low acidity - 0.17%


  • Unique fruity taste with a mildly pungent, peppery finish and a clean fresh smell.
  • Free from contaminants and additives.

Test results just in for the most recent harvest - The acidity is 0.17%. This makes for a wonderful olive oil!

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Kotinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality Greek oil. It does not carry an organic certification, but the oil is produced naturally and is the result of its local environment-the soil, the variety and the people that love it.

It is of the KORONIA variety and it has a thick soft texture, unique fruity taste with a mildly pungent, peppery finish, a fresh and clean smell, low acids and rare nutrients. It is produced with the minimum time lag, between the olive harvest and olive oil production. Every effort has been put into ensuring high quality at all stages of the olive oil production process, with close monitoring every stage from the variety of the trees, the timely harvesting of the olives at the proper stage of ripeness, immediate cold pressing and bottling in beautiful dark glass bottles.

Kotinos Olive oil analysis