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Organic Liquid Colostrum Extract 125ml

by Holvita
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100% Cold Filtered liquid colostrum extract made from the unpasteurised, raw milk from organic cows feeding on pasture.

  • natural
  • bio-active
  • no preservatives

Bovine colostrum is the pre-milk fluid excreted by the heifer cow for a period of 72 hours after calving. It is at its most concentrated and potent for the first 24 hours and contains large amounts of growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, immunoglobulins and minerals in a uniquely balanced complex. Its antibodies and immune factors are almost identical with those found in human colostrum while the amount of immune factors is four times higher.

Bovine colostrum is also non species specific, which makes it highly suitable and useful for human consumption.

All these components are held within colostrum in exact proportions and are not found in this concentrated balance in any other food.

However, colostrum in its raw, natural state, also contains high levels of fat, casein, albumin and other contaminants, which need to be removed. This will allow the natural connecting structures between the active substances of colostrum to remain intact. It also contains large protein molecules which bind essential nutrients and make it difficult for these to be absorbed. If the full benefit of bovine colostrum is to be made available, it is therefore of great importance to eliminate the fat and casein and to separate all the essential nutrients from the large protein molecules without damaging the components: in other words, to make available all the essential elements in a free form.

Recommended use for:

  • Deficient immune system
  • Malfunctioning liver
  • Diabetes
  • Influenza
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Post-operative reconvalescence
  • Irritable bowel syndrome and gastro-intestinal problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Allergies
  • Skin disorders and wounds
  • Stress

Daily recommended use:Morning and evening: 1-2 tablespoons with fruit juice, milk or on its own, more if required on empty stomach and last thing at night.

  • Do not mix with grapefruit juice
  • Do not drink directly from bottle
  • Do not mix with hot drinks!

News from 21/03/2014 -

Letter of recommendation of Holvita Organic Liquid Colostrum from Barts and The London Queen Marys School of Medicine and Dentistry

It is a pleasure to write in support of the Holvita Organic Colostrum. We took part in a clinical trial of this medication in a group of patients with advanced cirrhosis. We found the Holvita Colostrum to be well tolerated with a very good safety profile - no adverse events were observed in patients taking colostrum. Many patients commented on an improvement in their general well being during the study. In summary data from a small scale clinical trial indicated that Holvita Organic Colostrum is safe, even in patients with very severe underlying illness.

Yours sincerely

Graham R Foster Professor of Hepatology

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The benefits of Colostrum

There are numerous studies and publications which testify to the beneficial effects of high grade colostrum on our health and well-being. These benefits can be summarised as follows:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Strengthens cells
  • Cartilage, muscles, joints and tendons are strengthened and recover faster from injury
  • Improves muscle mass to body fat ratio
  • Intestinal flora is activated and the intestines as a whole are regenerated
  • Colostrum offers high protection against gastro-intestinal problems. Fights, bacteria, viruses and fungi such as Candida
  • Colostrum protects against colds and flu. When infection does occur, a faster recovery is observed
  • Patients generally recover and regenerate faster after an operation, x-ray treatment or chemotherapy by taking colostrum extract during the medical treatment as a supportive nourishment
  • The unpleasant side effects of antibiotics, especially those felt in the intestines, can be eliminated or at least significantly lessened, by taking colostrum
  • Colostrum helps to build up the body when the immune system has been weakened as a result of illness or the side effects of treatment
  • Balances blood sugar level. Colostrum supplies an exhausted body quickly with energy and helps all those who feel tired, listless or burned out
  • The appearance of the skin becomes more refined. Blotches on the skin can be influenced positively; they regress to a certain degree. Colostrum often helps with neurodermatitis and psoriasis, even when traditional methods have failed
  • The body is more resistant to allergies, particularly with patients suffering from hay fever, who generally show significant improvement after taking colostrum for longer periods
  • Colostrum contains anti-ageing factors which slow down the ageing process
  • The susceptibility to stress is reduced. One is able to withstand stress more effectively and generally becomes more resilient

The key elements in colostrum are the following:

The immune factors are valuable workers of the immune system i.e. antibodies. They strengthen our natural defence mechanisms against infections and slow down our ageing process. The growth factors make sure that cell metabolism functions at its best, that muscles and cartilage are formed and that they become and stay strong. The amino acids are essential protein building blocks. They are not found in this balance in any other type of food. They guarantee the activities of all enzymes in our organism. They activate cell metabolism, growth and mental fitness.

The metabolic factors, vitamins, minerals and enzymes help the body to cope with stress and exhaustion through, amongst other things, an improved uptake of nutrients. The effectiveness of colostrum is due to its complex make up, which nature optimised in the course of evolution and adapted to the needs of life.

Colostrum is not a miracle substance. The wide range of its uses and applications are explained in that our cell-functions are naturally coordinated. As our complete body consists of cells, colostrum works whenever and where-ever the cells are damaged, or where cell-functions are affected.

What determines quality?

Bovine colostrum is a natural, organic substance and as such it is affected by its environment. Specifically, it is adversely affected by heat, which alters its solubility and therefore its ability to be absorbed by the intestinal tract. Colostrum in its natural state has a relatively low solubility and, therefore, any process which degrades this solubility decreases the quantity of colostrum absorbed by the body.

Why is low heat important?

As a body fluid, colostrum will start to degrade at temperatures above 42C and technologies involved in pasteurisation and spray-drying of colostrum damage its bio-activity, as they operate at temperatures well in excess of 42C. Once heated above 42C (pasteurisation involves high temperatures ranging from 60C 138C) thedamage done cannot be reversed by subsequent cooling. Spray-drying, regardless whether it takes place at a lower range of temperatures and over a longer period, still involves temperatures above 42C and will therefore degrade the subtle complexity of ingredients that make this colostrum extract so unique and beneficial.

The bio-active content of food is determined by the extent these vital components are affected in the processing stage and it is the retention of this bio-activity of the component parts which is vital to the quality of the colostrum.

Choosing a quality colostrum

The best way to choose colostrum is by noting the method by which it has been processed from its raw state. Any amount of heat above 42C will, depending on the temperature and the length of time exposed to this temperature, have a detrimental effect on its bio-active components and therefore denature the product. Products that are pasteurised (that includes flash pasteurisation and spray-drying) will have suffered most and have a low if any, bio-availability. This affects, in varying degrees, almost all other colostrum products available on the market today.

In addition, by combining colostrum from carefully managed herds over a wide geographical area, the broad-based antibiotic spectrum is extended. Cows should be only pasture fed, disease free and free of antibiotics, artificial hormones and pesticides. This colostrum product distinguishes itself in that neither the filtration nor the sterilisation processes involve temperatures above 40C. The complexity of the ingredients are thereby retained and made available in its free form.

Our colostrum products ensure a rapid and full take up and are therefore highly effective. Our supplies of colostrum come from well managed herds over a wide geographical area which fulfil the above mentioned criteria. This guarantees a quality of the highest order.

Holvita Colostrum filtration process

Because our colostrum is not pasteurised it has to go through a series of filtrations. This process involves temperatures below 40C to ensure that component parts are neither altered nor damaged, while at the same time fats, casein, large molecules, bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated. This leaves a product highly suitable for human consumption which is easily absorbed by the body.

About the process:

1. Raw, unpasteurised colostrum
2. The fats are eliminated. These fats are good for the calf but not necessarily suitable for human consumption
3. The casein is eliminated from the colostrum
4. Ultrafiltration process. This process involves passing the liquid through a semi-permeable membrane which acts as a filter and removes all the large molecules from the colostrum
5. Sterile filtration. This filtration uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out bacteria and fungi
6. The clear, filtered colostrum is then bottled or freeze-dried into powder for capsules

Production quality is guaranteed by DIN-EN-ISO 9001 standard European Union hygiene standards HACCP apply.