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Libby Chan Probiotic Cleaner (concentrate) 500ml

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Libby Chan Probiotic cleaner can be used all around the house for cleaning work surfaces, cookers, mirrors, windows, computer screens, floors...etc and is great at cleaning the bathroom as it is good at eliminating smells. 

  • Safe & Gentle Cleaning
  • Eradicates smells
  • Cleans surfaces
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • All natural ingredients
  • Inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and pathogens

Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight, use within 12 months
One bottle of 500ml Libby Chan Probiotic Concentrate – when diluted one part Libby and 4 parts water makes 2500ml


Libby Chan contains beneficial bacteria and is made from natural ingredients. It cleans your home and makes the microbial environment safe and even friendly!  Libby Chan Probiotic is great for breaking down oil, grease, grime & organic waste and eliminating (not masking) smells.

Dilution 1:4

Libby Chan Probiotic is sold as a concentrated solution that needs to be diluted 1 part warm water (to activate the bacteria) and four parts water. The solution has a unique smell that is a vinegar/cider-like kind of smell, it will disappear very quickly after use.  The diluted soution is now ready to use and will last approximatly 8 weeks. We recommend putting it into a spray bottle so that you can easily spray surfaces with it, but equally can be poured out on to a cloth.

Life Span

As this is a living culture, the diluted Libby Chan Probiotic will need to be used within approximatley 2 months and a new solution made from the concentrated liquid. You may notice that the solution smells a little different, perhaps a little sour or cheesy so you will know that you are ready to make a fresh dilution. You can just tip it down the sink or toilet. It won’t be wasted as the bacteria will help clean the drains and keep pipes clear!
The concentrated Libby Chan Probiotic will need to be used within approimately 12 months.


Keep in a cool place (does not need to be refrigerated) and store away from direct sunlight as this could affect the life span of the product. To double its shelf life you can store the open concentrate in the fridge but below 5 degrees libby chan stops being active so when you dilute it, be sure to use slightly warm water to wake it up!


Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cooker/hob – wipe up Libby Chan and remaining residue. Respray lightly and leave.
  • Tiles/wall behind the hob – spray Libby Chan over the area, wipe & remove after 5 mins. Respray lightly and leave.
  • Extractor fan – wipe off any excess oil & dirt first then spray Libby Chan. Leave for 10 mins and remove. If really grimy, remove housing, soak kitchen towel in neat undiluted Libby Chan and spread over the surface. Leave overnight, remove and scrub the next day.
  • Stains around taps – first spray Libby Chan and agitate with a sponge or old toothbrush. Rinse, spray area again and leave. For older stains you may need to use undiluted Libby Chan  (test in a small area first).
  • Slime in the sink & around plug hole – follow same instructions as above.
  • Chopping boards – soak a kitchen towel in Libby Chan and place the towel on chopping board over night.
  • Cooking smells e.g. fish & meat – after cooking spray Libby Chan around the kitchen into the air as you would a normal air freshener.
  • Tea‐towels – when the towels are wet (after doing the washing up), spray them with Libby Chan and leave them to air & dry.
  • Dishwashers – spray over the dishes, glasses etc. as you load. Add a few sprays to the detergent drawer after each use.
  • As a multi-surface cleaner – use around the sink to destroy odours, remove scum and water marks. Use to clean all types of worktops (wood, granite, laminate etc).


Add 25ml of undiluted Libby Chan concentrate to a bucket of warm water to clean the kitchen floor or other floors in the home.

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Shower/bath – immediately spray the walls, bath tub or shower tray with Libby Chan after showering then leave 5-10 min.  Wipe all surfaces down (Squeegees make light work of this) and finish with a light spray & leave.
  • Mirrors & taps – spray Libby Chan, clean & wipe off then buff with a dry cloth.
  • Sinks & baths – spray Libby Chan and rub with a sponge. Rinse, spray again and just leave. TIP ‐ spraying the bath/shower area after final use at night will make the BIG clean during the week easier.
  • Stains around taps – first spray Libby Chan and agitate with a sponge or old toothbrush. Rinse, spray area again and leave. For older stains you may need to try Libby Chan undiluted (test in a small area first).
  • Slime in the sink & around plug hole – follow same instructions as above.
  • Bathroom floor – Add 25ml of concentrate to a bucket of warm water to clean bathroom floor.
  • Sink pipes – Pour a small cup down the sink/bath every 2weeks to help keep pipes clear.

Toilet Cleaning

Toilet smells – spray Libby Chan into the toilet and in the air after each use.

Cleaning 1st week – after the final flush at night pour half a cup of Libby Chan into the toilet and spray under the rim to build up the enzyme & bacteria population. After 5 days clean the toilet with toilet brush as normal.

Toilet seat – spray Libby Chan and wipe off. Repeat this morning and night.

Toilet brush – spray the toilet brush after use. Replace toilet brush regually.

Toilet bowl – for tough, long‐standing stains in the toilet bowl you will need to descale the toilet first. Use vinegar to get rid of the limescale which holds onto the stains. When the toilet is descaled use Libby Chan diluted as normal.

NOTE: It’s not MAGIC so don’t forget that you will still need to scrub!

Around the Home

  • Window cleaning – pour half a cup of Libby Chan into a bowl of warm water and clean.
  • Glass & mirror cleaning –  spray with Libby Chan, leave for 2 mins then wipe.
  • Computers and shiny surfaces – Libby Chan has great anti‐static properties so these surfaces should stay dust free for longer ‐ try it on your TV screen & computer monitor too, remember to switch them off first!
    Use a light spray of Libby Chan on to a dry lint free cloth (do not spray directly on to device) and make sure your cloth has only a slight moistness and wipe the surface gently.
  • Dining table – after eating spray with Libby Chan, leave for 2 mins and wipe off.
  • Door, drawer & cupboard handles – spray door knobs and handles with libby chan and wipe. Finish with a light spray & leave. Repeat once a week.
  • Telephones & remote controls  – Spray some kitchen paper with Libby Chan and wipe these items thoroughly at least once a week (don’t forget your mobile too).
  • Surfaces  – Use wherever you would a multisurface cleaner.
  • Bins – Spray your kitchen bin daily to stop bad odours developing.
  • Washing Machine – Use Libby Chan to clean and deodorise your washing machine. Spray the softener drawer and inside the drum after each wash.
  • Clothes – When drying clothes inside the home spray with Libby Chan to prevent damp washing odours.
  • Rugs & carpets – spray on, brush in and leave for 30 mins, clean with a wet vacuum cleaner.
  • Pets – Libby Chan can be used on pets and pet bedding. A light and regualr spray on your pets fur and bedding will keep the doggy smell away.


Other uses

Plants  – To make a great feed for house & garden plants dilute Libby Chan concentrate 1:100 with water. Libby Chan will increase the good bacteria in the soil and help bind soil nutrients together.

There are many applications for Libby Chan Probiotic. Please let us know how you get on with using it in other ways. Some other suggestions from users are:

Car  – windows and surfaces

However you choose to use Libby Chan probiotic, please be careful not to get moisture inside electrical devices or use on fabrics without first doing a sample test.