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COVID-19: We're still open and delivering around the UK >

Organic Tulsi Tea 25 bags

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Organic India's original tulsi tea, conveniently in bags for you.

Antioxidant rich.

Take a sip of true wellness

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Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

ORGANIC INDIAs Tulsi Original Tea makes a stress relieving, energizing and deliciousherbal tea.

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil is herb noted for supporting the immune system and helping the body to relieve the negative effects of stress.

Noted for 5,000 years throughout sacred Indian scriptures, Tulsis remarkable life-enhancing qualities are now here for you to enjoy.

Three particular types of Tulsi have been selected for this blend: Krishan, Rama and Vana Tulsi for their complimentary health benefits.

ORGANIC INDIA is proud to be the first company to cultivate Tulsi as an offering of True Wellness to the world.


Regenerative Agriculture

ORGANIC INDIAbelieves in the power of regeneration. Every year, our network of farmers and wildcrafters works thousands of acres of organic farmland in India to provide quality, organic crops and herbs, while simultaneously reversing environmental degradation in Indian farming communities.

All of our farmers and tribal wildcrafters are educated in organic and regenerative agricultural practices. Our intention is to leave the planet in better condition than we found it by committing to practices that heal the Earth, enrich biodiversity and regenerate the soil.

Organic standards form the foundation ofORGANIC INDIA's farming practices.ORGANIC INDIAhas never used synthetic chemicals, GMOs or irradiation. Our regenerative farming practices incorporate organic and biodynamic standards and treat each farm as a unique organism.

Regenerative agriculture includes the use of comprehensive soil fertility management, seed collection, biodiversity, composting, water management, and crop protection and rotation. These practices help to revive the local ecosystem through carbon sequestration and improved water and soil conditions, ultimately impacting the health of our global ecosystem.

We also aim to return to the ancient practice of following the rhythms of nature, such as planting and harvesting according to lunar and other natural cycles. Many Indian farming traditions (Vrishka Ayurveda) were lost after the introduction of industrialized agriculture. We offer traditional and regenerative farming practices to our farmers that strengthen their communities and their faith in tradition.