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Our Cheshire shop is open and delivering around the UK >

Revelation Expresso Blend Whole Bean Coffee 200g

by Union
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Bold espresso coffee.

Beautiful beans make a phenomenal rich espresso withhints of chocolate and treacle. Dark-roasted for a rich caramel finish.

A complex blend of coffees from family farmers including San Jeronimo Costa Rica, Cocagi Rwanda and Esquipulas Guatemala.

Round and full body.

As filter, enjoy dark chocolate and gentle cherry notes.

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THE COFFEES IN THIS BLEND... There are currently 3 producers that provide the coffees that make up the Revelation Blend.

Firstly the Esquipulas co-operative in Huehuetenango, Guatemala who Union have worked with since 2009. This coffee is grown in conditions about as perfect as you can get - a high altitude over 1,500 MASL, fertile soil, and glorious sunshine. Now working with more than 230 smallholder farmers.

The other Central America coffee in the blend is from the San Jeronimo co-operative from Costa Rica. The farms in the San Jeronimo co-operative sit in the area surrounding Cerro Chirrip, Costa Ricas highest mountain. High up at this altitude, the soil is rich and makes for growing excellent coffee.

And finally the COCAGI co-operative is located in the district of Gashonga in western Rwanda. Like most of Rwanda, they are blessed with the perfect climate to produce speciality coffee with high altitudes and rich volcanic soils. They produce 100% bourbon cultivar which has a distinctive cup profile of sweet rounded tangerine acidity, morello cherry notes in the aftertaste in this medium-bodied cup.