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Our Cheshire shop is open and delivering around the UK >

Organic Zambian Forest Honey (RUNNY) 3.18 kg

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3.18 kg of African Honey from Zambian wild forests ( plastic tub with carrying handle)

Across northwest Zambia stretch thousands of square miles of miombo forest full of nectar-producing trees in rich diversity, buzzing with bees and inhabited by people who for generations have been experts in beekeeping.

It is produced by wild bees in sustainable, traditional bark hives deep in the diverse miombo forest. It’s predominantly a tree flower honey

Wainwright's don't pasteurise their honey but warm it gently, for as little time as possible, to around 40-45C, similar to the temperature of a hive. This is simply to enable them to move the honey from storage containers, through a filter, and then into jars or tubs for sale. Minimal filtration is used with a coarse 200 microns sieve. This leaves the pollen grains in the honey - one reason that our honey tastes so good. The pollen gives the honey a lot of flavour and also some of the beneficial properties of forest trees. Pollen grains are high in protein and enzymes. The honey comes from a very diverse forest with hundreds of different tree species producing nectar and pollen that the bees feed on, each plant producing a range of compounds as well as sugars in its nectar.

This African honey does not carry the Fairtrade mark but is fairly traded. Wainwright's describe their honey as Fair Trade as it is produced by individual smallholders. They pay a fair price which is revised each year (currently 30% higher than the Fairtrade price) and they have a long term, stable relationship with their suppliers.

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