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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Dried Fruits & Nuts

Dried Fruit

We carry an extensive range of dried fruits. Whether you are a cake maker, a baker or would just like to liven up your breakfast we will have something delicious to add. 

Dried fruitsThe more familiar fruits - like raisins, apricots, prunes and dates we sell loose, we are able to weigh whatever amount you would like. This simplicity keeps the price down, the produce fresh and reduces unnecessary packaging.

We only use packaging that is biodegradable.

Our dried fruit is of a very high quality, and we offer an organic option where available.


We keep in a great range of nuts, many packaged by ourselves. This, we feel, gives us better control over price and freshness. We have most nuts in organic and non organic options, to suit your taste Nutsand pocket.


Seeds are little powerhouses of nutrition. Our choice includes pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, linseeds (sometimes called flax seeds) chia, hemp, alfalfa, broccoli, china rose radish, the list goes on…

 We can supply in bulk, at a reduced cost, if required. You would need to order in advance.

To ensure optimal digestion of nuts and seeds, as with grains, beans and pulses - foods which have the potential to grow into a new plant - it is best to soak, ferment or sprout them first.

This soaking activates an enzyme that frees up the nutrients to make them more easily absorbed by our gut. 

This process can reduce the digestive issues some people feel when they try to eat these kinds of foods.

Some companies are now selling “activated” nut products, but it is easy to do this at home with a little planning.

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