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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Meet The Team

Nick & Carol - Founded The Real Food Company in 1990. 

Nick & Carol

Carol and Nick have been involved in the natural food and health industry for over 30 years. During this time they have studied many aspects of natural health, nutrition and wellness. They have a broad understanding of being vegetarian and vegan, how be gluten free and dairy free, also the eating of raw foods and various other special diets. They have read the ground breaking work of Dr Weston A Price relating to traditional nutrition and food preparation and they have been exploring low carbohydrate diets, paleo, primal and ketogenic lifestyles.

For many years Carol and Nick’s free time has been spent reading and researching. They have studied herbalism, homeopathy and nutrition from many perspectives and have amassed a vast knowledge and understanding of natural health and well being. They are great advocates of ‘live” fermented foods and drinks, and were taught the finer details of this craft by Sandor Katz, renowned researcher, lecturer and teacher and also the author of wonderful books like “Wild Fermentation” and “The Art Of Fermentation”. 

They are in the privileged position of being able to discuss these subjects on a daily basis, as anyone who has visited the shop will know!

The couple are passionate about how food is produced, and are strongly aware of the connection between a healthy soil and a healthy body. The health of the soil is crucial to building a healthy and sustainable food system. Organic methods of production are supported, as is local food that is produced naturally, and when the two are combined, well that is perfect!

Carol and Nick are advocates of sustainable organic lifestyles, which encompasses the food we eat, a healthy home environment, choosing natural fibres for clothing where possible, and even how our homes are built. A few years ago they completed a course in cob building techniques with the wonderfully knowledgeable Ianto Evans, and subsequently built a small and beautiful meditation/garden house at their home, using only locally sourced and organic materials, complete with a wild flower living roof. 

Recently they have moved home, and now have a wonderfully wild garden, that includes a cliff face that provides a perfect location for relaxation, meditation and earthing.

After a stay in the wilds of Northern Sweden, they have been looking into the benefits of traditional wood fired saunas. Wood fired saunas are a natural source of infrared heat that can be wonderfully cleansing and healing. They are in the process of building one at their home.


Silvie - Manager 


From an early age Silvie enjoyed interacting with the customers, which developed her passion for the business. As soon as she was old enough Silvie started to work within the shop. She has been eating, sleeping and breathing natural nutrition and well-being all her life. After she graduated from art college, Silvie decided that she wanted to see something of the world. She wanted to do something positive, and so she travelled around Asia volunteering with local community charities, doing anything from helping in a school in the slums of India, to patrolling the beaches of Malaysia with a conservation project where they protected wild turtles and their eggs from poachers, to helping build a herbal hospital in Northern Thailand.

On arriving back in the UK Silvie studied and qualified as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher also as a Master of Crystology, and more recently Silvie has trained to be a mediation teacher. These disciplines have helped her to understand the impact emotions have on the physical body and vise versa. 

Silvie spent her spare time studying for a foundation degree in physiology and organic chemistry in 2013 and later completed a diploma in Nutrition. She has a broad interest in all areas of health and nutrition, and has keen interest in healing the gut to help with mental health and also for pregnancy and preconception.

Over the last few years Silvie has spent her spare time renovating her home and learning all about the environmental impacts your living space has on your health. She has learnt all sorts of things from how to measure non-native emfs to which light bulbs to choose to reduce the harmful effects of blue light in the home. As well as doing up houses, Silvie thoroughly enjoys gardening, any excuse to be outside, and is taking tips from Sarah on how to look after her many fruit trees.  

Silvie has lived and breathed this business her whole life and is a knowledgeable, passionate member of the team and most often the person you speak to when you call the shop.


Dave - Assistant 


Sadly in January 2024 Dave passed away. He has been an integral part of the team for 12 years and the business would not be what it is today without his input. He is deeply missed by all.

Dave brought a raw passion for research, and is the author of 4 published books, 3 of which look closely at the peer reviewed scientific research on dietary fats, cholesterol and statins. He shows very clearly that the effect of saturated fats on the body is not the one we have been led to believe, but that they are a vital part of a healthy diet. He has written a very valuable book, Statins Toxic Side Effects, that shows the real and numerous adverse effects the drugs in the statin family can have on our wellbeing. David’s research of the scientific literature also shows that high cholesterol levels are actually beneficial to health and are linked to a longer lifespan. This is important information, and as such has been received very well, and favourably reviewed by a doctor in Caduceus Magazine and by Sally Fallon Morell from the Weston Price Foundation. 

Dave's fourth book, The Sib Guiding principles to profoundly change your life. This book was a step away from his previous works, as it was written for his grandchildren, and people everywhere, to aid in navigating the complexities of the modern world. The Sib is a set of teachings, attitudes and practices that guide you to live a great, joyous, contented life filled with love, happiness, goals, dreams, aspirations and a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

Sarah - Assistant


Sarah has being working with The Real Food Company since the early days and has a wide knowledge of all the products we sell. She has worked around food most of her life, including running her own community cafe. She has a passion for good food and healthy living. Sarah is a keen organic gardener and grows much of her own food. 


June - Assistant  

June is one of our newest members of the team. She enthusiastic and eager to learn all aspects of the business. June has a background in school admin and customer services, equipping her with many useful skills. 

June has a keen interest in nutritious food, cooking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. June enjoys yoga, pilates, travel and arts and crafts. 


Leigh - Assistant 

Leigh has been a customer for around 10 years and started working with us at the beginning of 2020. Leigh has a very artistic background and adds these flares to the window displays when ever she gets a moment. Leigh and her family have a very keen interest in all things healthy, and spend most of their free time out side on adventures or wild swimming. Also if you have ever wondered where any of our food waste goes, Leigh has some very well fed chickens. 


We must not forget that there are several other people who offer their time and skills to help us in our business. We really appreciate the time, skills and passion of every member of our team.