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COVID-19: We're still open and delivering around the UK >

Iris - Software for Eye Protection, Health & Productivity

Iris Software is the best available to help protect your eyes and skin from the light emitted from your computer screen.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to the Iris website where you will be able to download this software.

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The interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like the Sun. The second interesting thing about monitors is that they should be like a lightbulb. They failed at both of these.


Monitors are like the Sun. They emit all colours of the rainbow but as you can guess it's probably not so normal to look at the Sun at night. But unlike the Sun, monitors don't emit full spectrum sunlight.


In the picture you can see the light spectrum of the sun. Notice how blue, green, yellow and red light are almost equal. We need this kind of ratio and this is embedded in our biology.

At the picture above you see the light specters of different light sources. The light emitted from the sun is like the first graphic while the light emitted from monitors is like the third graphic. Notice how much blue light the LED lights emit and how little green light. The problem is not actually the blue light, the problem is the ratio and that red light is almost missing from our monitors.

We can somehow fix this by reducing the colour temperature of the screen, but the red light never becomes more and this is why we need more red light exposure. If you read about this, red light is actually one of the most important lights. Science has proved that plants grow way bigger when they get a lot of red light and low amount of blue light. In humans, blue light regulates our mood and it's important also, but at night it stimulates our melanopsin photoreceptors in the eyes, our melatonin secretion stops and we can't fall asleep if a lot of blue light is present around us.