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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Organic Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

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We at The Real Food Company have a firm belief that the health of the soil is imperative to producing the very best fruits and vegetables. This is only possible by using traditional organic or biodynamic methods of production.

We have a wide selection of the freshest organic fruit and vegetables delivered to our shop every week on a Wednesday morning. The supply chain is short between the grower and you, the consumer.veg

We stay open late until 6:30pm on Wednesdays, to allow you to get your hands on this fresh produce.

Predominantly sourced from a cooperative of organic growers in the North West of England, this truly is local, fresh and organic produce. The colours, flavours and smells never fail to delight us on delivery day!Locally Grown Logo

By choosing to buy from British organic growers you are helping to support biodiversity in our own countryside. It has become more commonplace to find outlets supplying local produce - but this produce is rarely grown with an evironmentally supportive organic ethos and may contain pesticide/herbicide residues from toxic chemicals like glyphosate and atrozine and as a result can come from depleated soils.

Non organic animal products, even if they are locally produced, can contain GMOs and high levels of anti-biotics etc.

The soil, our lifeblood, really needs to be supported by careful farming practices. Using your money wisely can effect a massive change on our environment - it really needs our help.

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We do also buy from reputable European organic suppliers to keep the choice interesting and to supply those crops that require a bit more sun than the UK has to offer!

The produce is of the highest quality, always certified by the Soil Association or the European equivalent, some is even of a biodynamic standard. (A method of organic farming that emphasises the holistic development and interrelationships of soil, plants and animals as a self-sustaining system, originating out of the work of Rudolph Steiner.)

Are you fed up with supermarket organic fruit & veg always being packaged in plastic? Yes - well refreshingly our produce is not packaged! Occasionally, deilcate leafy items need a bag, to avoid damage, but we keep that to a minimum.

Many of our producers grow more unusual varieties than are commonly available - chosen for quality, nutrition and flavour, rather than shelf life and the varieties we have change through the seasons. Another big difference between us and the supermarkets is that most of the produce is unpackaged, saving resources, but also allowing you to buy as little or as much as you like.

If you are making fresh organic juices, we are happy to supply produce in bulk at a reduced price. Please get in touch for more details.

As well as the wide selection of organic fruit and vegetables we have available to buy, we also run an Organic Veg Box Scheme.

Organic veg box

Organic Veg Box Scheme

Each Wednesday we make up pre-ordered boxes of seasonal organic produce for our customers in a range of sizes and combinations.  

This is usually the most cost effective way of buying your fresh organic produce.

 Our range of box sizes:

  • Small - £8
  • Medium - £14
  • Large - £20

 These can be made up of:

  • A mixture of fruit and vegetables (the most popular option)
  • All vegetables and no fruit
  • All fruit and no vegetables 

We also will make up boxes to cater for people on particular diets, for example, a "Nightshade free" box for those who amy be following an anti-arthritis diet, or a box with "no roots or fruits" for someone on low carb or an anti-candida diet. We can also put together a box that only contains seasonal produce, if that is your choice. We also create boxes for those of you who like to “Juice”.

If there are things you and your family never eat, let us know and they will never be in your box, or if you have a backlog of something, let us know and we will miss it out for a while, so you can eat up what you have.

The contents of the veg boxes will alter to reflect the seasonality of the produce. We try to be flexible and sustainable, so the organic veg box is always useful to you.

Our boxes are for collection only, we do not deliver them. They are available from 4pm onwards on Wednesdays.



If you just want to buy your vegetables and fruit when you need it, we always have a good range available to buy “off the shelf”. The selection reflects the seasonal nature of fresh produce.

Bulk Sales

If you need to buy your fresh produce in bulk - we can help. 

Please get in touch, as we will need to order it in especially for you to ensure the freshness and quality. Bulk discounts apply.

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