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Our Cheshire shop is open and we also deliver around the UK. Find out more >
Our Cheshire shop is open and we also deliver around the UK. Find out more >
Local Food

We have lots of locally produced foods.



We keep honey from local bee keepers. These honeys have their own characteristics that vary through the year. They are packed with goodness and the local pollens that some people swear by to help them with seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. Our main honeyproducer endeavours to coarsely, cold filter all the honey he brings to us, so it is never affected or altered by heat and so more of the important elements from the hive stay in the honey.

Organic Oats from Mornflake in Crewe

All our popular organic oat products come from a few miles away, in Crewe. We have a whole organic range: porridge oats, jumbo oats, fine, medium and pinhead oatmeal, whole oat grain (groats), and oatbran.

Unpasteurised, Raw Cream

We have a limited supply of lovely fresh locally produced raw cream, straight from the cow. This cream is great for all sorts of uses, it usually will whip, and can also be made into fantastic raw butter.

Organic Pasture Reared Meat

We keep free range, pasture fed meat from a range of farms, one of which is Ford Hall Organic Farm in Shropshire. We keep a varied a selection of frozen meat from animals that range on pasture all year round. Ford Hall is a farm with an interesting history, and is considered a pioneering farm in the organic farming world.

Organic Vegetables (and sometimes fruit!)

We have regular deliveries of an enticing range of organic fruit and vegetables. Our Vegetable selectionlovely range of fresh organic vegetables are grown mainly in the North West of England. They are supplied to us through a cooperative of growers. This ensures the growers always get a fair price for their produce. We know the names of the farms where our produce comes from. The produce is seasonal, and the varieties grown are flavoursome and often unusual, compared to what is on offer in the supermarkets. 

Eat Locally Grown

Organic LogoThe standards of production often go beyond the typical organic standards, and some produce carries a bio-dynamic certification.

We also have occasional, locally foraged foods.

Natto and Miso

NattoWe keep a range of live fermented foods made by a Japanese chef, not too far away, just over the border in Wales. We try to always have live frozen natto and fresh miso, and occasionally some other Japanese fermented delicacies, too!


Organic Free Range Eggs

Our eggs are supplies by several organic farms, one of them being down the road in Knutsford.

Organic Breads

The bakery that supplies our range of breads is based in the Midlands. We keep traditional sourdoughs and yeasted loaves, made using organic rye, wheat or spelt flour. They can be sliced or unsliced, depending on your preference.

Organic Treats

…. we mustn't forget the ever popular organic chocolate brownies, made in Manchester. These delectable treats suit a range of folks - paleo, vegan, gluten free ….. oh, and did I mention they are delicious!

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