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Our Cheshire shop is open and we also deliver around the UK. Find out more >
Our Cheshire shop is open and delivering around the UK >
Natural Deodorants

Many people are concerned about the ingredients in antiperspirants. From the toxic chemicals used to block the bodyʼs ability to perspire, to the strong propellant gases used in the spray cans themselves. It is a popular choice to use a deodorant instead.

Deodorants allow the natural perspiration process, but will act as an anti-bacterial to stop any unwelcome odour. We have many options for you to choose from. All are natural and effective. We have roll on, stick and pump spray deodorants to choose from, and one of the oldest known - wild volcanic alum crystal.

Ranges we stock:

  • Green PeopleNatural deodorant
  • Jason's
  • Lavera
  • Crystal Spring
  • Weleda
  • Faith in Nature
  • Urtekram
  • Natural Volcanic Alum Crystal

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