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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Natural Oral Care












Oral health has a massive impact on overall wellness. 

We stock a wide range of oral care products without harsh ingredients, such as sodium lauryl sulphate, fluoride and artificial sweeteners for all the family.

We have toothpastes, tooth powders and oils, mouthwashes that are based on herbs that leave your mouth feeling lovely and fresh, and a range of toothbrushes made from natural and/or recycled materials. 

 We have toothpaste from:

  • Weleda
  • Kingfisher
  • Green People
  • Aloe Dent
  • Vogel
  • Coral White
  • Dr Bronner

Alternatives to Tooth Paste

Some people prefer not to clean their mouth with a tooth “paste” and prefer a powder or an oil. There is a belief that these kinds of products do not interfere with the body’s natural ability to remineralise the teeth.

We have a wonderful natural Tooth Oil from Orawellness called Healthy Mouth Blend.  This is a careful mixture of oils formulated to support robust oral health. Use a couple of drops on your toothbrush and brush as you would with a paste. 

Healthy Mouth Blend can be used:

      • directly on your tooth brush to clean your teeth
      • diluted as a mouth wash
      • as a direct application onto problem areas of your gums
        Orawellness Healthy Mouth BlendShine calcium Hydroxyapatite
  •  Tooth Powders from:
    • Orawellness based on the much discussed non-nano calcium hydroxyapatite powder to naturally support remineralisation
    • Bio White Tooth Powder - made with a mixture of calcium carbonate and unrefined Celtic Salt, to clean teeth and encourage remineralisation

For those of you wishing to try something new, why not try making your own tooth powder or tooth “paste” with unrefined Celtic Sea Salt, rich in minerals, mixed with cinnamon or cloves with coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda, myrrh essential oil etc…..there are a lot of recipes online. We also supply clay that can be used as a base for your teeth cleaning recipe.

Mouthwashes from:

  • Dentaforce
  • Sarakan
  • Weleda
  • Aloe Dent
  • Periobright
  • Orawellness

 Tooth Brushes from:

  • The Environmental Bio-degradable Bamboo Tooth Brushes
  • Preserve Recycled Tooth Brushes
  • Bass Tooth Brushes

You may know the benefits of cleaning your tongue on a regular basis - we keep a high quality tongue cleaner that can last you a lifetime.

Oil Pulling

Many people are experiencing the ancient oral care technique of Oil Pulling. This comes from  Ayurvedic practice. Traditionally sesame oil was the oil of choice, but today we find many people enjoy using coconut oil for this purpose. 

To Oil Pull - place a small amount of your chosen oil into the mouth, ideally first thing in the morning - around a dessertspoon full - and swish it around the mouth and through the teeth for as long as you can - maybe up to 20 minutes. The oil is reputed to draw toxins out of the oral tissue and to whiten the teeth. Do not swallow the oil. After your have finished swishing it is best to spit the oil into a bin rather than down the sink - so you look after your drains too!

People often experiment with additions to this oil - with probiotic powder, essential oils, herbal tinctures etc.

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