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Our Cheshire shop is open and delivering around the UK >

Gift Box - Miron Glass Bowl and Ghassoul Clay

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Beautiful Miron violet glass bowl, complete with a miron glass lid and a jar of gentle, cleansing Ghassoul clay. 

Miron glass is the perfect container to hold your hydrated clay keeping it fresh and ready to use.

See here to learn about the wonders of Miron glass ( more here and here)

and here to learn more about ghassoul clay

To Use

Mix Ghassoul clay to a paste (in a glass container) by adding clean water. Let it stand for around 10-15 minutes to rehydrate. Ideally you are looking for a consistency of double cream. It is best to use a non reactive container - such as glass or an unglazed ceramic bowl, as the adsorptive properties of clay could draw in toxins from the container. You could use a small kilner type jar or a Miron glass bowl with a lid.

Only a very little is needed to wash with, so it is extremely economical to use.


Dry clay in bowlClay hydratingClay readyTexture of thick cream