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Raw Serra da Estrela Mountain Honey 500g

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Raw Serra da Estrela Mountain honey is a rich, very dark, viscous, malty and exquisitely balanced honey.

This is a Raw Oak Honey with unique complexity. We feel lucky to have found this honey and think it is really special and we doubt you've had one quite like it!.

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This Serra da Estrela mountain honey comes from the Guarda region of Northern Portugal, just east of the majestic Serra da Estrela mountains. These forests are covered with Oak "Carvalho" and Chestnut,"Castanheiro" as well as woodland wildflowers and wild berry shrubs, all of which have contributed to the unique character of this honey.

The main part of this honey is Oak honeydew, which gives it its predominant character.

Honeydew is made by bees foraging on aphid and other insect sweet secretions and is rich in oligosaccahrides.

Antibacterial and antioxidant rich, this is a potent healing honey with an extraordinary smooth rich and balanced flavour.