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COVID-19: We're still open and delivering around the UK >

Unpasteurised Cathare Goat's Cheese 180g approx - PRE ORDERS


We have now stopped taking pre-orders for Christmas Delivery. Please check our instock items. 

Please note - Any orders containing any Pre-Ordered products will be held and shipped once the pre-ordered products have arrived. 

We place a weekly order with the dairy in France - every Sunday - for delivery to us the following weekend. Therefore the day you place your order will determine how long it takes for us to despatch from here.

Soft raw goat's cheese.

Artisan farmhouse goat's milk cheese made in the Languedoc Roussillon region of southern France, in Cathar country. Made with whole raw goat’s milk, using pre-drained salted curd. The Cathare, sometimes called Catal, has a natural, fine, delicately pleated crust. The beautiful, ashed rind is delicate and miraculously decorated with the Occitan cross. It's such a striking cheese, it's automatically the one that everybody -- young and old -- wants to try first.

On the palate, this goat cheese is fine and melting.

A young cheese matured for about 2 weeks, though the flavour deepens with further ageing. Buy it ahead of time and let it age another week or so at home , and the smell and flavour intensify in just that time,

It settled in Saint Félix Lauragais in  1985,. Their farm is located about forty kilometres south-east of Toulouse. Here, they keep a herd of 120 Saanen goats that delight in the abundant pastures offered by Cocagne Country. 

Unpasteurised goat's milk (96.76%), lactic ferments (1.8%), salt (0.74%), vegetable carbon (0.5%), animal rennet (0.2%).