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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Organic Tooth Cleaning Powder - Lemon 35g - Now in Glass Jars

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Organic Calcium Tooth Powder - to protect and nourish your teeth.

Free from the sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride and glycerine found in most tooth paste.

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Made with:Organic ginger and organic lemon essential oil.

Lemon is antiseptic, has excellent digestive properties, stimulates the liver and gently whitens your teeth.

Ingredients:Calcium carbonate, xylitol, sea salt,organic ginger and lemon essential oils.

Why A Tooth Powder?

Teeth:Teeth are not simply pieces of enamel. Each tooth is a veritable organ and has a function. Teeth are made of cells, so they need food to remain in good health. Unlike what most people think, teeth are porous. The dentine contains millions of tubules. It is through these tiny tubes, that our saliva nourishes our teeth. Our saliva contains all the minerals and nutrients they need. Eating softens the enamel, so it needs to be re-mineralized.

The Mouth:In the mouth there are:

    • 32 teeth with their own independent blood and nerve system.
    • 6 major, plus 800 to 1000 minor, salivary glands.
    • 9,000 taste buds - all on the tongue and it is highly vascularised.

If you put toxic chemicals into your mouth, they may pass into your blood stream and damage your health. Some toxins are highly poisonous.

How Are Teeth Nourished?

INSIDE: The blood in the pulp nourishes our teeth. It is the pulp that initiates the formation of dentine.

OUTSIDE: Saliva contains minerals and proteins to build tooth enamel, as well as antibacterial compounds that kill bacteria.

The role of saliva in the process of mineralisation of the teeth is a major factor in tooth health(Ref, Weston A. Price, Dentist).

Why Not a Toothpaste?

Even toothpaste which is free of toxic chemicals may contain glycerine and glycerine leaves a film on the teeth.

This film prevents teeth from getting harder and stronger (Ref Nagel Ramiel).

Glycerine coats the teeth, thus they CANNOT PROPERLY RE- ENAMELIZE (Ref Ph.D. Gerard. F. Judd).

Why a Tooth Powder?

A tooth powder made with beneficial products (calcium, xylitol and salt), helps the saliva to nourish the teeth. Calcium carbonate provides a gentle cleaning. Calcium is also one of the main components of teeth. Xylitol is believed to encourage re-mineralisation. Grey sea salt provides minerals and trace elements.

Testimonials Using Bio-White Tooth Powder


....also the hygienist I visited today was very keen to know how I have taken such a big step forward with my dental hygiene with less blood, better colour of gums and even a thickening of the gums which she explained was the gums becoming much healthier!! As i explained I have been working with the same hygienist for nearly 5 years and we have made okish progress stabilising my gums but when I explained that within less than a week of using the tooth powder my gums started to look better and my teeth felt better from using the tooth powder she was very impressed. I also loved the fact that II was not using lots of chemicals normally found in tooth paste too. Of course I still need to floss and brush regularly but my gums have never been so health for years ~ I love tooth powder not only because its all natural but it really works !! Thank God for Xavier and his pioneering invention of this natural tooth powder!!


I would like to thank you though for telling me about your Bio-white tooth powder when we met at the Forest Row Festival last September. I have been using both the mint and the lemon since then and my gums are so much better, the dentist/hygienist couldn't believe it! For the first time in 15 years I have gone 6 months without any problem and only wish I had know about it sooner, before losing teeth and gum disease! I have also been recommending it to clients of mine, as I am a Beauty Therapist in the village. With best wishes and a million thanks, N. W