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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Organic 100% Chocolate - Peru - 75g

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From the Piura region, Organic Chocolate Peru 100%.

Introducing the latest addition to Blanxart's Premium Origins family, and one of the most daring.

From the green slopes of Alto Piura: 100% Peru Chocolate , made from the white Creole cocoa bean This chocolate retains all its purity and intensity and without added ingredients. Its content of 100% organic cocoa without sugars or added butter guarantees the preservation of an artisan roasted cocoa bean, rested to release all its wonderful aromas.

The most veteran gourmets and chocolatiers will appreciate an initial explosion of flavour, followed by floral, licorice, leather, coffee, wood and lime notes. An intense and distant experience, very distant.

100% organic premium Creole cocoa paste from Peru.

TASTING NOTE: Notes of wood, licorice, coffee and lime.

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Tradition and manufacturing of a chocolate from another century.

In April of 1954, the master chocolatier, Francesc Agrs, embarked on a long journey through the best patisseries and confectioneries in Europe. His passion for excellence in artisan confectionery was the seed that led to the founding of one of the most renowned Catalan chocolate factories: Bombons Blanxart.

It all started in a modest workshop in the neighborhood of Les Corts (Barcelona) and feeding a dream: bringing the best cocoa beans from around the world to chocolate

BEAN TO CHOCOLATE: The excellence of our artisan chocolate.

Bean to chocolate is the the name of the process that begins when the artisan selects the cocoa beans and processes them into chocolate bars or chocolates that he will pack and sell himself. It is a process of artisan production that requires a special knowledge of the product, patience, priority in the quality and willingness to offer the gourmet the best cocoa. Blanxart is faithful to this approach relying on single-origin cocoa for an outstanding quality chocolate. Sourcing Blanxarts chocolates are made from organic and fair trades sources beans from five different regions in the world: Peru, Philippines, Congo, and Brazil.

Produced using traditional Spanish methods, Blanxart works with farmers to source select cocoa beans from all over the world, then roasts them to ensure the right aroma and texture. They add only real sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla to create one of the best quality chocolates in the world. Their rustic, award-winning packaging reflects the natural, hand-made process.

Blanxarts Chocolate Their excellent chocolate comes wrapped in award winning packaging, making for a visually, as well as epicureally, appealing product. They also product this quality chocolate from only the finest Trinitario, Criollo and Forastero beans. The variety of the cacao bean used indicates the origin of the chocolate.

Criollo is the rarest of the three and is native to the northern and central areas of South America which gives for a mild fruity flavour.

Store in a cool dry place.