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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

BrushEco - The Sustainable Bass Toothbrush

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  • Ready for a functional, sustainable, and beautiful toothbrush?
  • Functional because of the rounded bristle tips and spaced out tufts of the Bass toothbrush design.

  • Sustainable because BrushEco is made of 99.97% biodegradable and compostable materials.

  • Beautiful, well, that's a judgment call.  But we find the simple design and sustainable, bamboo construction to be beautiful. :)

You choose.

The BrushEco mission...

We're donating 100% of BrushEco sales profits to organisations and mission-driven projects that are committed to creating and implementing solutions to our global plastic problem. 

One example of a group that we donate to is The Ocean Cleanup Project, which is designing amazing solutions to remove plastics from our rivers and oceans.

It's time for companies (both small and large) to champion causes that help move forward sustainable, earth-conscious solutions for future generations.

OraWellness is proud to do our part to support humanity by finding sustainable alternatives to plastics while providing holistic oral health solutions.


New Design Choices!  Now available with 3 or 4 rows of bristles!

We have found that Dr. Bass' original 3-row bristle design is still best for stimulating gum tissue, disrupting and disorganising the 'thug bug' colonies that are implicated with gum disease, and for helping us to be a good conductor of the symphony of microbes in the mouth.

And now, we also offer a 4-row bristle design that still has the same shorter Bass handle and rounded bristles tips, but that has bristle tufts that are a little closer together.

We love this new 4-row design for cleaning our teeth.  (But nothing is better than the traditional 3-row design for doing the Bass Brushing Technique along the gum line. :)

Wait.  Do I need more than one toothbrush?

There are several benefits to having more than one type of toothbrush.

First, when we 'brush our teeth', we are looking to accomplish more than one job.

If you think about it, each tool in a toolkit does its specific job.  Like a carpenter's toolkit, you can't fix everything with a hammer. 

We find that the original 3-row Bass toothbrush that Dr. Bass created so many years ago still works best for wiggling bristles down into gum pockets.  And now we also have a 4-row BrushEco that can help better clean and gently polish your teeth.

We think it's smart to have more than one toothbrush that you regularly use.  This gives more time for each brush to fully dry out between uses, which reduces the risk of 'thug bugs' living on your toothbrush (gross, but possible :). Swapping toothbrushes often like this is a good idea.

So how do I use both types of brushes?

We like to clean our gum line and our teeth every day.  You too, right? 

If you don't have a lot of time in the mornings, you can try this: brush twice daily, cleaning your gum line really well once a day with the 3-row BrushEco and your teeth really well once a day with the 4-row BrushEco. 

That way, you can effectively care for your teeth and gums every day without having to commit extra time to your oral hygiene routine (and since you're alternating techniques, you can use a dry brush for each brushing).

Here's a video that demonstrates how to use the 3-row Bass brush design to clean your gum line to stop gum disease.

But we have lots of mouths in our home!!  How will each person identify their toothbrush(es)??

Each BrushEco has a little differentiating design on the handle.

Think art! :)

Current designs are:

  • hearts
  • smiley faces
  • bees
  • dolphins
  • turtle

While we can't offer you the choice to pick your preferred design, when we pack orders with multiple BrushEco's, our team is going to make sure you have lots of different design options in your package.