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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Prevent Heart Disease - Evidence from 101 Scientific Papers - David Evans

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These 101 scientific papers reveal:

  • cholesterol and saturated fat are in fact essential for a healthy heart
  • high cholesterol levels help you live longer
  • high carbohydrate diets promote the factors that cause heart disease
  • margarine is an industrially produced, unhealthy product that should be avoided
  • the "cholesterol/saturated fat causes heart disease" hypothesis has never been proved

This book is based on the research of doctors, professors and scientists and includes 101 scientific papers which are explained in an easy to read user friendly format. This information will enable readers to make informed choices about the prevention of heart disease.

Dave, the authour of this book works in our retail shop in Cheshire, and is happy to talk about his findings.

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The information in my books is drawn almost entirely from scientific papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. It is based on the subjects of diet, nutrition and health, although it focusses on the effects of cholesterol, saturated fat and statin drugs on health. Virtually all the scientific papers were written by professors, doctors and scientific researchers. I just report the results of their work.

My books expose the facts that since the advent of the anti-fat and anti-cholesterol campaign in the 1970s, obesity, cancer & diabetes rates have soared. Parkinson's, Alzheimer and heart disease cases have shot up. More people have high blood pressure. Infertility casts a shadow on many more couple's now. Asthma, ADHD, Autism, depression, epilepsy, intestinal disease's, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and many more diseases and conditions are more prevalent now than 40 years ago.

My books describe how the headlong rush to lower everyone's cholesterol levels with low-fat diets or by pharmaceutical drugs (statins) may be judged by history to be misguided. As well as low cholesterol levels leading to an increased prevalence of many diseases and conditions, a thorough review of the scientific literature will lead to the conclusion's - saturated fat is NOT the cause of heart disease, low cholesterol levels lead to an early death and statins have a plethora of toxic side effects and they must be removed from the market.

Your doctor will be a very busy person and has not got the time to research the scientific literature to investigate the implications that diet and pharmaceutical drugs may have on health. My books will give you access to data that doctors and dieticians have never heard of. My aim, through my books, is to provide you with hard scientific information which may help you make informed decisions in your quest for health.

David Evans