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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Live Kombucha - Chung Mee Green Tea 1L

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Traditionally brewed probiotic beverage. It's delicious! This light, naturally effervescent drink based on the finest of Chinese green teas rolls off the tongue like a mellow dry cider. Chung Mee helps enhance mental alertness and vitality whilst reducing stress levels giving an all round feel good factor. A well and professionally fermented kombucha will have a slightly acidic taste, since through the fermentation process the sugar is converted first into alcohol and subsequently into valuable lactic and other soluble organic acids.

Lewtress kombucha is safe for both children and pregnant women when used as recommended. Lewtress believe kombucha has to be probiotic (live) to contain beneficial properties. Lewtress is one of only a handful of producers in the UK who supply probiotic kombucha products. This has been verified in tests by Trading Standards.

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After kombucha has been thoroughly and correctly fermented by Lewtress, it consists of acetic acid, carbonic acid, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B15, various beneficial enzymes and essential amino acids, folic acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid and lactic acid, as well as usnic acid a natural product of fermentation, suppressing development of micro-organisms not belonging to the kombucha culture.

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, in particular those called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCGs are powerful anti-oxidants known to inhibit the growth of abnormal cells, without harming healthy tissue.

Green Tea also contains antioxidants that help combat heart related ailments as well as giving holistic protection to the entire body. Green tea extracts have been shown to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth, relating to reduced cavities. Kombucha has also been shown to support fertility (in both partners) and provide support during pregnancy. Based on the finest Chinese green tea extract,

Chung Mee kombucha was the first kombucha revitalizer to be used at the Lewtress natural therapy clinic, where, since 1994, it has been a favourite to help to keep energy levels up. It is also popular for breaking the routine and using as an alternative when on long-term use of our other herbal kombuchas.

Compared with other soft drinks on the market, most of which have been treated or preserved in some way (thereby limiting the health benefits) our chung mee kombucha revitalizer has been fermented as a health tonic, in the way nature intended, with no artificial flavourings, colourings, or preservatives of any kind.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a gentle effective detox for the whole body

  • Supports the heart & circulatory system

  • Provides support for the kidneys and prostate

  • Assists digestion

  • Helps to control cholesterol levels

  • Suitable for diabetics, vegans and vegetarians

  • 100% pure, natural ingredients

  • Manufactured under strict controls

  • Can be added to mineral water or fruit juice

Taste:Medium dry

Style: Sparkling

Suggested serving 50ml 3 times a day (1 litre provides approximately 20 servings)