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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Live Kombucha - Sencha Green Tea 1L

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Traditionally brewed probiotic beverage. A well and professionally fermented kombucha will have a slightly acidic taste, since through the fermentation process the sugar is converted first into alcohol and subsequently into valuable lactic and other soluble organic acids.

Lewtress kombucha is safe for both children and pregnant women when used as recommended. Lewtress believe kombucha has to be probiotic (live) to contain beneficial properties. Lewtress is one of only a handful of producers in the UK who supply probiotic kombucha products. This has been verified in tests by Trading Standards.

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After kombucha has been thoroughly and correctly fermented by Lewtress, it consists of acetic acid, carbonic acid, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B15, various beneficial enzymes and essential amino acids, folic acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid and lactic acid, as well as usnic acid a natural product of fermentation, suppressing development of micro-organisms not belonging to the kombucha culture.

Sencha green tea was first introduced into Japan over 1200 years ago and was used as a way of keeping alert but calm during long meditations.

Green tea contains important polyphenols which are believed to be responsible for most of green teas roles in promoting good health. Modern research has confirmed many health benefits from including green tea in your daily diet.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has recommended green tea for relief of headaches, body aches and pains, high blood pressure, digestion, low mood levels, immune enhancement, detoxification and as an energiser to help prolong a healthy life.

Based on the finest available sencha green tea extracts, sencha is one of the mildest tasting of our green tea kombucha range but still shares the same detoxifying qualities and all the other benefits that kombucha can provide.

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, in particular those called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCGs are powerful anti-oxidants known to inhibit the growth of abnormal cells, without harming healthy tissue. Green tea also contains antioxidants that help combat heart related ailments as well as giving holistic protection to the entire body. It has also been shown to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth, relating to reduced cavities.

A totally natural product, sencha is often used in a maintenance programme, or between using one of the other kombuchas.

Lewtress's advanced and unique fermentation process has produced a kombucha tonic that naturally contains the major detoxifying element glucuronic acid sought after, in vain, by all commercial kombucha manufacturers. This detoxifying element has been the subject of a study by the kombucha research group in America which conducted a study to find this important element. It found that out of the nineteen other manufacturers, bottled and capsulated tested, none of them were proven to contain glucuronic acid. Lewtress kombucha tonic has undergone two independent tests, one by a British laboratory and the other by the kombucha research lab in Utah, both confirmed glucuronic acid present in Lewtress products. Glucronic acid is perhaps the secret why Lewtress kombucha tonics are so effective.

Trading Standards have repeatedly tested our products with their on the shelf test proving that Lewtress kombucha tonics are natural, live palatable drinks and remain this way, without the use of any additives, colourings, stabilisers, preservatives or heat treatment/pasteurisation processes of any kind. Unlike most other commercially produced kombucha products on the market throughout the World today, Lewtress is still one of the only producers in the UK and beyond to have achieved this. In addition, research showed that the Lewtress recommended serving of kombucha tonic was half that normally suggested by others, making it extremely cost effective. In fact, one single 1 litre bottle of Lewtress kombucha contains 20 servings!