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Miracles of Chaga : The Medicinal Healing Mushroom - Prevention, Healing & Cure - Suzanne Sanders

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From Suzanne Sanders:

A good friend introduced me to the amazing health-giving powers of this one-of-kind fungus when my health had hit rock bottom. I was diagnosed with the same type of cancer my mother died of when she was only 56.

I received my diagnosis when I was fifty-five and a half years old – almost to the day. I froze for a moment at what I may be facing. What if I only had six months to live? I need to tell you right now, I did not abandon modern conventional treatment, but I tailored other “treatments” to suit my needs and my beliefs, and the Chaga mushroom was high on the list.

I meditated and visualised. But frankly, until I discovered the chaga mushroom, it didn’t seem like my health improved much. Of course, I was skeptical of all the natural health powers it allegedly possessed. Of course, I didn’t run out to buy chaga immediately. And even when my research was completed, I still hesitated trying it.

I’m not sure what the exact moment was that tipped me into putting it into my newfound health routine. All I know is, I did, and I haven’t looked back or regretted a single minute of it. And now, after surpassing my mom’s lifespan by seven years, I owe it to everyone facing any type of health problem today to spread the good news about chaga.

Don’t worry, this book is not about me or my life story, instead, I wanted to share my finding of this amazing healing mushroom’s benefits with you, so many may get benefitted from this book. But I’m a firm believer that if I have some legitimate treatment within my reach, then I need to indeed reach for it and give it an honest try. So, I added it into my diet along with my meditation and visualisation routine.

At first glance, you’ll be skeptical. Most individuals are, even when they’re told of the diverse health benefits from regulating glucose levels and lowering cholesterol, to helping control and maybe even prevent cancer. My story isn’t unique. There are more people than you know using chaga mushroom as a tea or in meals and now, thanks to its current popularity, in any number of forms as supplements. In the seven years, I’ve been using it, the mushroom’s availability has skyrocketed. If you decide after reading this publication that you may like to give it a try, your search for the form of the supplement will be easy.

What you will find inside this book: I’ll describe the fungus for you and why it doesn’t look like your ordinary mushroom that may be sprinkled about your yard at the end of heavy rainfall. Not only that, but you’ll want to read the unusual way most of the Western World heard about this amazing mushroom, as it’s not the usual way good news spreads about a healing herb like this one.

I’ll show you how it works and how it can prevent and heal: As you go through your investigation wondering if chaga is right for you, I will show you how to find and harvest chaga, how to properly consume chaga and we’ll also provide you with some recipes which help you improve your health and keep it running smoothly for years to come.