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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Organic Extra Virgin Cold Extracted Messara PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete 500ml

by Mani
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MANI single origin extra virgin olive oil is made solely from organic Koroneiki olives from the Island of Crete. The olive trees are traditionally managed and harvested by hand.

The oil is cold extracted in local mills, and this balanced oil is light green in colour with a fresh, fruity, mildly nutty aroma and distinctive peppery finish. A perfect accompaniment to fish, salad and roasted vegetables.

MANI olive oils are regularly awarded best in class in international food competitions. Most oils are Naturland Fair certified.

Taste with added value
Olive oil tastes good and is good for you. MANI extra virgin olive oils contain high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, MANI extra virgin olive oil is rich in phyto-chemicals such as vitamin E and polyphenols; antioxidants which contribute to cell health and which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Quality with Distinction

Traditional cultivation, gentle processing and award-winning quality

Year after year, MANI products are recognised by tasting panels all over the world.

In addition to the love for man and nature, which inspires all actions of the Blauel family and the preparation of all Mani products; the strictest food-processing standards are implemented at Mani. This is how they achieve and surpass strict quality standards evaluated by worldwide tasting panels; panels with incredibly exacting criteria.

MANI products taste exceptional, thanks to the ideal growing conditions in the Mani, part of the Peloponnese, the traditional processing of the olives and the centuries-old knowledge of olive cultivation. The taste of these MANI products is so unique that you can instantly taste their high quality, from the very first bite.

In a class of its own: the MANI brand offers the world’s first Greek Organic & Fair olive assortment and thus makes an extraordinary ethical and environmental commitment. Naturland Fair certification stands for sustainable production and a system of ethical trade that rests on three pillars: organic, social and fair.


In November and December with painstaking, careful craftsmanship and with simple hand-portable mechanical tools, the olives are harvested. The ripeness of the fruit is critical: not too green, nor too ripe – experience shows that the fruit should ideally be picked when its colour is between yellowish-green and light purple: that is the right moment to pick them. At this stage aromas, polyphenols and oil content are optimal. Polyphenols are plant compounds that, among other things, affect the colour and taste, protect the oil and as antioxidants they are thought to strengthen the human cells in the body. Strict selection methods guarantee the best raw materials for producing premium quality olive oils.


Olive oil
Critical to the quality of olive oil is the immediate processing of the olives as soon as possible after harvest. That same evening the precious olives are cold-processed in one of the 15 medium-sized oil mills in the Mani. The olive oil is extracted at a maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, so that the valuable nutritional components of the olive are retained. Strict quality controls ensure that the top quality MANI olive oils qualify as “extra virgin”.

Organic & Fair

Organic pioneer Blauel started 30 years ago cooperating with farmers to successfully introduce organic farming into the Mani region in the Peloponnese. Now an additional step has been taken and the olive groves are managed according to Naturland organic principles, which are stricter compared to the EU organic regulations. Their production process is also regulated according to Naturland standards. In 2014, consistent with their pioneering ethos, the Bläuel family-enterprise decided to formalise their long term policy of ethical trade and successfully obtained Naturland Organic & Fair certification. This accreditation is renewed every year after thorough and strict inspections.

As part of this certification seven key principles are followed:

  • social responsibility
  • ethical & respectful trade relations
  • fair prices
  • regional supply of raw materials
  • collaborative quality assurance
  • community involvement
  • corporate strategy and transparency


Naturland Fair guarantees fair conditions along the entire value chain, from farmers to the processor to the consumers, who are increasingly demanding an ethical origin for the products they buy.