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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Unrefined Le Guerande Fleur de Sel Celtic Sea Salt - 140g- certified by Nature & Progress

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Traditionally harvested Fleur de Sel. Not ground or washed. No fillers. Naturally white.

Tested for purity - certified by Nature & Progress (details below). 

Appearance: Small fine crystals

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Traditionally harvested Atlantic sea salt from from the Celtic Sea coast of Brittany.

Tested for purity - certified Fleur de Sel is considered by some to be the highest quality of traditional sea salts.

Fleur de Sel is naturally white. Our Fleur de Sel carries a certification from Nature and Progress, a French organic and environmental standard, which denotes its purity, quality and sustainability.

This salt has been produced in Brittany using the same ancient methods for several thousand years. Wooden tools are used. Wood is considered an inert material which will not harm the delicate balance of the salt. Metal is considered too harsh. The sea water is not evaporated by the introduction of an artificial heat source, as many modern sea salts are, as it is believed this damages its structure. Instead this sea water passes through several kilometres of clay lined channels and pools. The water slowly evaporates under the influence of the wind and the sun.

At a certain point in the year the conditions are just right for the salt to crystallise on the surface of the lagoons. This is gathered carefully and is the precious Fleur de Sel, a delicate, fine white salt valued by chefs and food enthusiasts.


The water carries on its journey until it has evaporated enough and only the natural grey salt crystals are left behind, which is sold as unrefined Celtic salt. These crystals are raked up by hand. The people here have made their living this way, in harmony with their environment, continually for many centuries. The region is a haven for wildlife, and the pristine environment is bursting with life.