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OysterMax Oyster Extract - 120 capsules

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OysterMax is a high potency oyster extract powder.

  • OysterMax is a simple food supplement made from sustainably harvested oysters grown in pristine waters off the coast of Ireland.  
  • Oysters are perhaps the best source of bioavailable zinc in our diet. 
  • Zinc is needed to support the function of white blood cells, one of the main detoxification systems in our bodies. 
  • Zinc has been found  to combat symptoms of EMF toxicity. 
  • The usual dose is 3 to 4 capsules a day.

Oyster shell and capsulesEach 120 capsule bottle of oyster extract contains on average the concentrated extract of approximately 6 kg of fresh oysters.

This extract contains significant amounts of zinc, copper, selenium and Iodine naturally occurring as nature intended. There are no fillers or excipients and bulking agents in this product. It is pure oyster powder.

Oysters are considered by some eminent scientists and physicians to be THE most nutritious food on the planet.

OysterMax also contains:

  • 59 Trace Elements
  • 12 Vitamins
  • 19 Amino Acids including Taurine.
  • Essential Fish Oils EPA and DHA.

OysterMax has been proven beneficial in the treatment of many conditions.This high potency extract can help increase energy levels and offset the symptoms of fatigue. OysterMax also boosts the immune system and helps maintain collagen and keratin production for faster wound and injury healing and healthier skin, hair and nails.

Bottle contains 120 Capsules, which is a normal 1 month supply.


For best results we recommend you take 4 capsules each morning before food with a glass of water. Not a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. NOT IRRADIATED

OysterMax Oyster Extract is sourced only from carefully-selected oysters grown in the clean, unpolluted Atlantic waters of the West of Ireland. These waters are constantly monitored by the Irish Department of the Marine. The quality of the waters in which oysters grow is important as, being filter feeders, they can become contaminated in the more polluted and less monitored environments from which some other oyster extracts are derived.

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WHAT IS OysterMax and what are the benefits?

OysterMax has very high levels of trace elements which contribute to the maintenance of many aspects of good health.

OysterMax contributes to the following health benefits (as per the European permitted health claims directives)

  • Bulk powder OysterMaxnormal cognitive function.
  • maintenance of normal vision.
  • normal fertility and reproduction.
  • normal immune function.
  • reduces tiredness and fatigue.
  • normal acid-base metabolism.
  • normal carbohydrate metabolism.
  • normal macronutrient metabolism.
  • normal metabolism of fatty acids.
  • normal metabolism of vitamin A.
  • normal protein synthesis.
  • normal bone maintenance.
  • normal DNA synthesis.
  • maintenance of normal hair.
  • maintenance of normal nails.
  • maintenance of normal skin.
  • maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.
  • normal function of the immune system.
  • protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • has a role in process of cell division.
  • normal energy yielding metabolism.
  • normal nerve function.
  • normal homocysteine metabolism.
  • normal psychological function.
  • normal red blood cell formation.


The free amino acids in OysterMax have been clinically proven to protect the body from oxidative damage. Endurance athletes, stressed out professionals, individuals exposed to environmental stresses such as UV light, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, all suffer from higher than normal levels of oxidative stress/free radical build up. The fatigue and tiredness associated with this oxidative stress has been shown to be reduced by taking OysterMax.

The trace elements in OysterMax are known to control over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Many of these regulate processes, which govern the way energy is created and utilised by the body. For example, OysterMax contains the building blocks for some of the enzymes, which regulate insulin production, which in turn controls blood sugar levels. Fatigue can also occur in cases of heavy metal toxicity. OysterMax contains selenium, which has an antagonistic relationship with mercury and can therefore help detoxify the body.

Oyster extract has been used traditionally for centuries for liver cleansing and the trace elements in OysterMax have been shown to be beneficial in aiding the release of energy from the liver.


OysterMax can help boost the immune response in a number of ways. The high organic zinc content can stimulate the thymus gland to produce thymulin. Thymulin regulates T-cells and T4 Helper cells which are key to the bodys immune defence system. However, cutting edge research from the US has recently shown that too much or too little zinc can knock the immune system out of balance.


Pregnancy dramatically increases nutritional demands for expectant mothers. RDAs for many nutrients increase during this time and also during lactation. For example, the RDA for zinc increases from 8mg daily to 12 mg daily during pregnancy and lactation. Zinc deficiency during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weight and premature delivery. OysterMax is the perfect supplement to help meet those increased nutritional demands as it contains all the constituents necessary for healthy growth.


OysterMax can help the skin maintain collagen and keratin production. It can promote tissue repair, has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains the building blocks for the enzymes which destroy damaged cells before they have a chance to become cancerous. Weak, brittle nails, dull hair, spilt ends, and many skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis can be ameliorated by using OysterMax.


OysterMax oyster supplement contains all of the building blocks for the bodys antioxidant defences. Free radical damage is one of the major causes of premature ageing in tissues, especially the skin. Free radical damage in the cells also reduces the cells ability to produce energy and leads to overall loss of vitality and endurance. Clinical work on OysterMax showed that after 8 days, oxidative stress in the blood was reduced by 90%. This proved that OysterMax has great potential to help reduce the causes of premature aging.


Trace elements in OysterMax are known to increase free testosterone in the blood, which promotes increased libido in both sexes. For men the high organic zinc content in OysterMax can increase sperm production and maintain good prostate health. Sperm contain 700 times more zinc than is found in blood plasma and the prostate contains more zinc than any other organ in the body. Low zinc levels can result in prostate swelling, low sperm counts and loss of libido.


Research carried out in 2006 by Japanese researchers showed that components found in OysterMax improved lipid metabolism and suppressed increases in blood pressure. As such it has been shown to be a physiologically functional food capable of improving cardiovascular health.


The oysters in OysterMax are specifically targeted for harvesting to provide the maximum amount of trace elements available. Oysters are the highest natural source of zinc, 10 times higher in fact than the next source, which is red meat. However, it also has important zinc co-factors such as manganese, copper and selenium. Taking synthetic zinc on its own can be dangerous as too much is as bad as too little and other elements like copper can become depleted if zinc is taken on its own. The trace elements in OysterMax are balanced with each other as nature intended, because they come from an animal source, not from a chemical factory. Together these elements along with many of the other micronutrients in OysterMax provide the building blocks for over 300 enzymes in the body. These are involved in reactions that control everything from the way we look and feel to strong immunity and healthy libido.



OysterMax is a natural shellfish extract. All of the nutrients are organic in origin making them 100% bio-available. The trace elements in OysterMax are bound to transport molecules (peptides, amino acids) which makes them considerably more bio-available. The high concentration of free amino acids and peptides are also directly available to the blood once consumed making them very fast acting. Synthetic mineral supplements on the other hand need to bind to transport molecules during digestion before then can be absorbed, which may affect their bioavailability. All of the trace elements in OysterMax are present in significant yet balanced concentrations, ensuring they all work in harmony as nature intended. None of the nutrients in OysterMax are present in concentrations that could upset your bodies natural mineral and nutrient balance.


Further research is currently being carried out by our company on OysterMax both in Ireland in 2 Universities, and by the Cellular and Microbiological Unit of the French Army to see what other bioactive properties OysterMax contains.

The French investigation is being carried out as troops operating in hostile situations undergo massive oxidative stress on the body, and they want to see how OysterMax can help alleviate some of the fatigue and illness associated with this.

OysterMax are very proud of their on going research and keep theirr customers updated on new findings as they occur via e-newsletter.

OysterMax Scientific Study 2015 -Fibroblast

OysterMax Scientific Study 2015 Antioxidant

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