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COVID-19: We're still open and delivering around the UK >

Pelardon Raw Goat Cheese - approx 60g - PRE-ORDER



We place a weekly order with the dairy in France - every Sunday - for delivery to us the following weekend. Therefore the day you place your order will determine how long it takes for us to despatch from here.

Unpasteurised farmhouse goat's cheese from the Languedoc-Roussillon region


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The Pelardon is a little round cheese made with raw goat milk.

It's natural irregular rind changes from white/cream when it is young, to a bluish tint with maturation.

It has a simple and fresh taste and smooth texture in the early stage of maturation, which develops over time and the texture can become more crumbly.

From ancient times, according to Pliny the Elder, cheeses from the Languedoc were very much appreciated by the Roman elite. The first written record of Pelardon can be traced back to Abbot Boissier in 1756. Its name comes from the local dialect "pebre" which means "pepper" in reference to the spicy notes that develop when it matures.

This popular cheese has had a DOP (protected designation of origin) since 2000.