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Quinton Hypertonic Solution - 30 x 10ml ampoules per box

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Quinton Hypertonic is a pure seawater collected from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton, following strict protocols established by the French scientist, Rene Quinton.

The protocol used during its harvesting ensures that the product is of the highest quality and purity. Quinton Hypertonic is undiluted, and as such is 3 times the salinity of blood plasma.

Quinton isn't just seawater. It's enriched by the incredible plankton blooms that occur in ocean vortexes around the planet.

Take Quinton Hypertonic when you need extra energy and focus - or when you feel the need for a boost! 

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Quinton Hypertonic is pure undiluted Quinton Marine Plasma. It is three times the mineral concentration of Quinton Isotonic.

Quinton Hypertonic is ideal to provide support during times of stress. Stresses can use up our vital trace elements more quickly than normal. Hypertonic provides a more rapid re-mineralisation, and many people find it very energising. Think of the effect of a cup of coffee - but no caffeine.

Quinton Hypertonic is best taken on an empty stomach early in the day. Some people have noticed difficulties with sleeping if taken later in the day.

Quinton Hypertonic is useful to support sporting activities, alertness and focus - aiding concentration and has immune supporting effects.

As a general rule it is best to take oral Quinton products as follows:

  • on an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before eating
  • swish the Quinton round your mouth for at least 30 seconds. This will help with dental/oral issues and will enhance absorption of the nutrients through the gums and mouth mucosa

A History

Our extra-cellular liquid is actually equivalent to sea water. French Biologist Rene Quinton (1866-1925) has been recognised worldwide for his discovery of the value of sea water. He proved that as life came from the sea, sea water is therefore the natural environment for human cells. He also laid down in full the different stages of evolution.

Rene Quinton proved that the extra-cellular liquid of all living organisms is actually equivalent to sea water.

Two facts and experiments

Leukocytes (the white blood cells) are able to live in blood AND in isotonic seawater. Isotonic seawater is seawater diluted to the same concentration as blood plasma. Quinton isolated some leukocytes and immersed them in Isotonic seawater AND the leukocytes LIVED!

Leukocytes cannot survive in any liquid other than blood and seawater, as Quinton discovered. He experimented with all kind of liquids as did many scientists years after him. In every case leukocytes (white blood cells) did not survive in any other liquid than blood and isotonic seawater. Quinton verified this fact using leukocytes from dozens of animals and in each case the results were the same: the leukocytes SURVIVED. His theory is therefore fully validated:

Seawater is a living plasma just like the internal liquid of all living organisms.

FURTHERMORE. To fully verify his theory, he conducted several experiments with living animals. One of them was to bleed a dog dry; the dog would fall inert, almost dead with no lid reflex. Quinton would then inject the dog with isotonic seawater and eleven minutes later the animal recovered. The next day, the dog was fully alive and walking around the laboratory. Another experiment he performed was to inject isotonic seawater in large quantities into animals, up to 104% of the animals weight. Every time he did this the organism excreted the seawater without any stress. In fact afterwards, he noticed a remarkable improvement in the animals vitality.


After having conducted these animal experiments with great care, Rene Quinton was asked to secretly treat a dying typhoid patient. This he did, by injecting him with a small quantity of diluted seawater, (his Isotonic Marine Plasma) in the morning. He then told the nurses, that he would come visit his patient later in the afternoon and left. The nurses thought Rene Quinton must be deranged because the patient would certainly be dead by that time. When he visited his patient in the evening, he found him sitting up in his bed eating and joking with all the nurses around him. The nurses could not believe it. The patient recovered completely in only few days.

Following this first success with a human subject, Quinton was asked to treat another patient suffering this time from cirrhosis, complicated by erysipelas (bacterial infection). He applied the same protocol of injection with his Quinton Marine Plasma. This patient also recovered completely. The value of Quinton Marine Plasma was then fully acknowledged at the College de France. Princess Helen sister of Englands King Edward VII, came to Paris to congratulate him and to study with him.

Quinton then opened 50 dispensaries in France, where mothers and children came to be treated for FREE. In Paris and Lyon alone, the dispensaries administered up to 150,000 marine plasma injections per year. Rene Quinton is known to have saved up to 70,000 baby's lives with his Marine Plasma!

Quinton predicted that all the known elements and trace elements would be found in this seawater. This was confirmed 50 years later.


  • Sea water has the power to sustain life.
  • Each of the elements found in it has its own indispensable importance in the process of sustaining life.

Taken with permission from: A new understanding on Sea, Minerals and Salts by Andre Delamare ISBN 978-0- 9928298-0-3

Today, Quinton is administered orally, and is found to have a great many benefits.

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