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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Raw Clover Honey 500g

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This raw clover honey is light, delicate and floral. It crystallizes quickly to a buttery fudge texture.

Spread it liberally on a warm bread and butter and you can't go wrong. It definitely brings out the nostalgia in us...

This Clover Raw Honey is from an area of Organic Red clover cultivation for seeds.

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Do you remember what your local English honey used to taste like before all the mechanized, industrial agriculture, before everyone started cutting down hedgerows and spraying verges ?

That lovely floral scent, evocative of wildflowers and summer days ?

Even if you don't, this wonderful raw clover honey from the Alentejo region will transport you back in time to gentler, lazier days.

Honey and Crystallization.

Crystallization is a completely natural process and occurs with all raw honey. The speed and size of the crystallization depends on variations in the balance of sugars, ambient temperature and to some extent water content If your honey is set hard, you can loosen it up by placing it in a pan of hand hot water, (and repeat as necessary) using a spoon placed in hot water first and of course storing it in a sunny/warm place in the house.