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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

Raw Greek Kalymnos Thyme Honey 480g

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Greece is famous for its Thyme honey, and there is a truly amazing diversity of Thyme honey produced. Most of the Thyme honey tends to multifloral, that is to say it is quite obviously Thyme honey but with the presence of enough Wildflowers to change the character of it significantly from place to place. 

Some of the Greek islands can be rugged, rocky and sparsely vegetated, and it is on these islands there may be little else flowering at the same time so the bees forage on the Thyme almost exclusively and produce Thyme honeys which are extremely Thyme rich and highly mono-floral. 

Kalymnos is a small island in the eastern Aegean close to Turkey which produces such a Thyme honey, it is rich golden and HIGHLY aromatic and prized for its medicinal qualities. This year a Kalymnos Thyme honey won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards. It also goes without saying that Thyme honey is traditionally prized for its medicinal qualities especially for lung conditions, colds and respiratory health. 

Our Raw Greek Kalymnos Thyme honey is produced by Isabella who wrote this beautiful letter about her relationship to beekeeping. It is produced in full below.

"My name is Isabella and ten years ago I returned after studies to my beautiful island of Kalymnos. Looking for something new and hearing for years from the old ones that the thyme honey of Kalymnos is really 'golden' (world famous) first in nutritional value and properties, and how important it can contribute to our health, I decided to get involved in beekeeping.

 The process until the honey is produced in the hive and reaches consumption was more difficult than I initially imagined. It is a job that requires a lot of physical strength and a lot of patience. The hours you have to devote are too many and the fatigue is indescribable. But the result rewards you. As soon as you bond with the bees and this work, you can understand that the way of life of the bee and how a bee works is admirable.

So every year since then, many times with losses and difficulties, I try with love, patience and persistence, to make this precious gift of nature called thyme honey known to the younger generation, because it should be allowed to be enjoyed in every home. It is a wonder of nature. A miracle, which we are all entitled to have."