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Rocamadour Raw Goat Cheese - approx 30g

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Fresh, raw goat's milk cheese from the Lot region in France. Small cheese - only 30g.

Ingredients: Raw goat milk, salt, lactic ferments, animal rennet

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Fresh goat cheese made with raw milk.

To make this cheese the fresh curds are drained in bags and then pressed into the small Rocamadour molds.

Rocamadour has a natural crust, fine and delicately wrinkled. Its ivory yellow paste is supple and creamy. Its light flavour asserts itself with time. A little delight!

Certainly one of the oldest cheeses in France - mentioned in writings from the fifteenth century, Rocamadour seemed to serve as a unit of value in the calculation of taxes. The Causse de Martel, from which our Rocamadour comes, is a country of small leafy vegetation, interspersed with pebbles and various rocks. It is in this steep environment that the herd of chamois alpine goats express themselves fully.