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Strath® Original

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Strath herbal yeast for:

  • Children and adults

  • pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers

  • students and professionals

  • athletes

  • senior citizens

A balanced, wholesome diet is important in order to be able to meet the varied demands of everyday life and stay healthy. Strath Original herbal yeast is particularly suitable as a useful supplement to the daily diet. The food supplement contains over 60 entirely natural vital substances and is suitable for people of any age. If the diet is low in vital substances, Strath Original supplements meals with valuable ingredients. In addition, Strath Original improves the overall uptake of vital substances derived from the diet or other products.

LIQUID: 2 – 3 × daily 1 teaspoon (5ml) before meals, either neat, with milk, mixed with fruit or vegetable juice. Children: half the dose.

DROPS: Adults 30 drops 3 times a day. Children 2 drops per year of age 3 times a day. To be taken with a little water  before meals.

TABLETS: Adults @ tablets with water before meals, 2-3 times a day

  • Original Strath can supplement the diet naturally all year round.

  • A course treatment over a longer period is also advisable in the event of increased requirement and is safe to take.

  • It may be combined at any time with other specific vital substance products and food supplements.

Ingredients: Plasmolyse herbal yeast 83 % (plasmolyse yeast, fructose, dextrose, herbal mixture), malt extract from barley 9 %, orange syrup 5 % (sugar, water, orange juice from concentrate), honey 3 %.

Keep out of reach of children. Store below 25 °C and consume within 6 months after opening. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and well-balanced diet or a
healthy lifestyle.

lactose-free, vegetarian, kosher


The world of Strath® vital substances – greater than the sum of its parts

The raw materials, left in their natural state, that are used for Strath® provide a unique variety of over 60 vital substances. They are present in biological equilibrium and the body is able to take them up exceptionally well.

The individual vital substances are present in small quantities. The levels contained do not meet the recommended daily allowances (RDA). An exception to this is found in the quantities of magnesium and zinc with which Strath® Vitality and Strath® Immune are enriched respectively.

The vital substances in Strath® herbal yeast include:

11 vitamins

 B1 Thiamine

B2 Riboflavin

 B6 Pyridoxine



Pantothenic Acid

Folic Acid

B12 Cobalamin

 C Ascorbic Acid


Ergosterol (providing D2)

19 minerals/trace elements














Total Sulfur 


Silicic Acid




20 amino acids



Aspartic acid and asparagine


Glutamic acid and glutamine














11 important building substances


 Lecithin phosphate





DNA (desoxyribonucleic acid)

 RNA (ribonucleic acid)

 ATP ( adenosine triphosphate)


Ubiquinone (coenzym) Q6

 Ubiquinone (coenzym) Q7

 Ubiquinone (coenzym) Q9


Bio-Strath has always considered it very important to have all the products it develops scientifically investigated. This has resulted, over the years, in a large body of publications, field studies and observational studies.


Improvement of bioavailability of minerals and vitamin B1 thanks to Strath® Original herbal yeast. In-vitro study by Dr. Karin Engelhart-Jentzsch, 01/2017

The results of the new in-vitro study on the absorption of micronutrients in the intestinal epithelium clearly show that Strath herbal yeast improves the active absorption of magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B1. Average values in the series of tests with Strath Original are six (iron) to ten (vitamin B1) times higher than average values from the control samples with pure micronutrients. The results allow the conclusion to be drawn that the Strath complex also improves absorption of vital substances from food.

Earlier study results (haemoglobin values during pregnancy) and empirical findings obtained over many years indicate that, thanks to the product's balanced and natural composition, the vital substances in the Strath complex can be optimally absorbed, and the absorption of vital substances from food and other products is improved overall.

Immune defence / flu-like infections

"Mode of action of plasmolysed yeast on lymphocytes under microgravity stress"
(Immunological Investigastions, 2000, 29(4) 355-364 P.W. Joller, M. Schwarzenberg, A. Cogoli)
A new device developed to simulate microgravity for space biology studies under laboratory conditions (random positioning machine, RPM) allows immunological active cells to be subjected to a reproducible stress. Cell proliferation, soluble IL-2 receptors in cell culture and lymphocyte surface markers, such as CD 25 (IL-2R), CD 69 and HLA-Dr was the points measured. The most important finding from this study was the normalisation of cell proliferation (cell reproduction). The stress of zero gravity decreased cell reproduction and the addition of Bio-Strath Food Supplement resulted in a return to normal.

"Stress-compensation by a food supplement based on yeast plasmolysate in mitogen-activated T lymphocytes under simulated low-gravity"
(Biological Sciences in Space, 2000 Vol. 14 No. 1, Japan Society of Biologyin Space, M. Schwarzenberg, P. Joller, A. Cogoli)
T-lymphocyte activity is greatly reduced, both in vitro and in vivo, under low gravity conditions (microgravity). This occurs both in space and on earth when microgravity conditions are simulated in a rotation machine (clinostat) / random positioning machine (RPM). It was possible to demonstrate that Bio-Strath Food Supplement compensated for this reduced T-lymphocyte activity in vitro.It was also found that the activity markers, CD25, CD69 and HLA-Dr on the cell surface, which are also reduced under microgravity, were also restored to normal levels, as was the expression of IL-2R.

Influenza and colds in winter ? prophylaxis with a food supplement in comparison with the influenza vaccination
("Schweiz. Zeitschrift Ganzheits Medizin" 8(5), 1996, P.W. Joller)
Investigations into the therapeutic effect of a herbal yeast supplement Bio-Strath Food Supplements in liquid and tablet form were compared to the influenza vaccination and a control group in a prospective field study with 232 participants, divided into 4 groups. Results: The two Bio-Strath groups showed better results with respect to general condition, concentration, fatigue, vitality and stress and fewer absences from work than either the influenza vaccination group or the control group.

Increased concentration

Increasing powers of concentration
A school trial with Bio-Strath Food Supplement.
(M. Neukomm, secondary school teacher, Berne)
The test was carried out with Bio-Strath Food Supplement on 24 schoolgirls (14-year-olds) over 10 weeks between winter and spring. Arithmetic and language were tested according to the instructions of the "Intercantonal Middle School Conference".
Results (average per schoolgirl):
Improvement in marks of +1.3 in language and +1.0 in arithmetic.
Substantially fewer absences over 10 weeks (flu season): 1.9 days in the Bio-Strath trial class compared with 8.6 days per class in 4 control classes.

Improved performance

Bio-Strath and increased efficiency
A double-blind study with Bio-Strath (Strath) Food Supplement on 60 test subjects. Duration: 12 weeks. ("SWISS PHARMA" 11, 1981,Prof. Dr. E. Dörling, Hamburg)
The following criteria were selected:
Fatigue, nervous tension, concentration, resistance, physical and mental efficiency, concentration, reaction, memory, recovery capacity and vitality.
Improvement of 64% in the Bio-Strath group and of 10% in the placebo group. Specific notes in the Bio-Strath group regarding general condition: fewer headaches, improved digestion, fresher skin, less fatigue, better sleep, less brittle nails, more enterprising.All the notes in the placebo group were negative in content.

Experimental trial of a yeast supplement during a period of high physical exertion.
("JUGEND + SPORT", Fachzeitschrift für Leibesübungen der Eidg. Turn- und Sportschule Magglingen, No. 6, 1976, F.H. Schwarzenbach)
The efficacy of Bio-Strath Food Supplement was tested in a seven-week controlled study of 2 groups of 35 Finnish athletes each, from various disciplines.
In the period when Bio-Strath was taken, the average distance covered by the athletes in a 12-minute endurance run (Cooper test) was increased by 142 m.
The coaches recorded improved powers of concentration and a shorter post-exertion recovery period for their athletes during the time when Bio-Strath was being taken
Taking the supplement resulted in improved self-assessment, the principal criteria mentioned being appetite, digestion and sleep.

Ageing problems

Pre-geriatric study on Bio-Strath
(notabene medici, Journal für Ärzte 3 and 4, 1990, Rainer B. Pelka, Heinz Leuchtgens, W.U. Weitbrecht)
Controlled, clinical, double-blind study on 184 patients with pre-geriatric disorders, aged between 45 and 75 years, over a three-month period. (Bio-Strath Food Supplement, liquid: 62 patients, Bio-Strath food supplement tablets: 62 patients, placebo group: 60 patients). Results: General condition, short-term memory and circulatory efficiency in the ergometry test all improved significantly in the two Bio-Strath groups (liquid and tablets). The Bio-Strath groups produced markedly better performances than the control group in the overall medical assessment.

Pre-Alzheimer study
The effect of a herbal yeast supplement (Bio-Strath) in a randomised, double-blind trial (ARS MEDICI; 85, No. 1, 1995, Rainer B. Pelka, Heinz Leuchtgens)
The aim of this randomised, double-blind study with 75 patients aged between 57 and 84 years with severe geriatric symptoms was to test over a three-month period whether Bio-Strath exerts a favourable influence on the symptoms and whether it could be used as an adjunct therapy. Results: It was demonstrated that Bio-Strath Food Supplement produced a significant effect in comparison with the control group on the basis of the following criteria: fatigue, headache, dizziness, mental alertness, sleep, emotional stability, speed of information flow, depressive mood, apathy, speaking letters and numbers forwards and backwards. Laboratory investigations showed improvements in the geriatric concomitant diseases. Important progress was not made until the second half of the twelve-week study period. A longer duration of treatment is therefore indicated.

Haemoglobin levels during pregnancy

Haemoglobin levels during pregnancy
Observational study on the effect of Bio-Strath (Strath) Food Supplement on the haemoglobin levels of pregnant women ("Schweiz. Zeitschrift GanzheitsMedizin", 10/2000, Schweiz, L. Leffler, T. Leffler, P.W. Joller)
Observational study of 31 pregnant women showed that Bio-Strath Food Supplement is able to keep the haemoglobin levels of women stable during pregnancy without the need for additional vitamin or iron preparations to be taken.Bio-Strath also contributed to the general wellbeing and vitality of the women.

Osteoporosis (bone construction)

Influence of Bio-Strath® on osteogensis
Herbal yeast plasmolysate promotes the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells (Monici M., Marziliano N., Cialdai F., romano G., Cellai I., Benvenuti S. und Cogoli A.; L'Integratore Nutrizionale; 14(1), 2011:37-42) Our bones are subject to remodelling throughout the whole of our lives, with either breakdown or construction predominating depending on biological requirements. Exessive breakdown leads to steroporosis while excessive build-up causes osteopetrosis (marble bone disease). Osteoporosis is a far greater problem in both medical and economic terms. Specialised cells in the body are responsible for bone construction and breakdown. Cells called osteoblasts are involved in bone construction, while the cells responsible for bone breakdown are known as osteoclasts.

Summary of the results of the in-vitro-Study at the University of Florence, Italy:
The addition of herbal yeast clearly promotes maturation of cells that build up bone mass (osteoblasts). The formation of undesirable osteoclasts (bone breakdown) is decreased by adding herbal yeast. A combination of drug therapy and herbal yeast plasmolysate could therefore be successful in osteoporosis patients.

Radiotherapy / chemotherapy / convalescence

Natural food supplement during convalescence
Double-blind study with a herbal yeast supplement, Bio-Strath (Strath),in 177 cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy ("Schweiz. Zschr. GanzheitsMedizin" 8(6), 1996, F.H. Schwarzenbach, K.W. Brunner) Results: In the Bio-Strath group, improvements were observed in physical activity, appetite, subjective condition and haemoglobin concentration. While the patients in the control group exhibited weight loss during radiotherapy and in the subsequent period of convalescence, the patients in the Bio-Strath group were found to have positive weight development.

Strengthening endogenous defences the effect of a yeast supplement, Bio-Strath (Strath), on cell proliferation (cell reproduction)
("SWISS BIOTECH" 6, 1985, G. Lorenzi, A. Cogoli)
The Space Biology Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich has been collaborating with the ESA, NASA and other space organisations since 1977 in carrying out investigations of human cells under zero gravity conditions. The activity of lymphocytes, the body?s own defence cells, is decreased under zero gravity. Results: This study showed that Bio-Strath Food Supplement reverses this reduced defence cell activity.

Attention deficit disorders ADD / ADHD

The effect of a food supplement on the behaviour of children with attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD)
(Pädiatrie, January 1/2006)
More and more children are suffering from attention deficit disorders, including ADD and ADHD. Many parents would like to try out a natural alternative, particularly for mild to moderate cases, and to use drugs that may have undesirable side effects only if they are really necessary. The study of 18 children with attention deficit disorders was carried out in a paediatric practice with the participation of parents and teachers.
Giving Bio-Strath Food Supplement at a dose of 3 teaspoons a day for 6 weeks produced astonishing results:
12 of the 18 children exhibited improvements with respect to impulsiveness, attentiveness, ability to respond and social behaviour in school and at home.
93 of 116 statistically recorded parameters exhibited improvement.