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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >

The Red Pill Food Revolution - Ben Hunt

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with Phil Escott, Jeremy Ayres &b Graeme Norbury

Discover the hidden history of how food has been used over the centuries to make humanity weak, sick, and dependent... and how to fix it!

Now on sale for the first time, and over two years in creation, this book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the present world situation, understanding how we got into this mess, and what we can do about it!

Discover the full story

The Red Pill Food Revolution traces the story of humanity's rise and fall, starting in the last ice age and the phases of degeneration following the agricultural and industrial revolutions... and shows how food has been a major factor, in fact  a weapon of control! But it is also a story of hope, because by rediscovering our proper relationship with food it is possible for us also to find who we are meant to be.

No other book has ever before revealed the whole history of how food has been weaponized against humanity.

Packed with insights from science and philosophy, with a heavy dose of common sense, the 21 chapters of this book will force you to rethink what you thought you knew about food, about healthy eating, and about why the world is as crazy as it is. While its message is certainly hard-hitting, it could be one of the most important, and inspiring, books you'll ever read!

How We Are Designed To Eat

Tells the story of how we became human, as understood by anthropologists, and the key role of food sources in our transformation to become the world's most intelligent and powerful species.

Fat For Life

Shines a new light on animal fat and shows its vital place in human evolution and our health today.

Ancestral Living

Immersing yourself in the life of a Paleolithic stone age tribe brings powerful new insights into the way that humanity thrived on Earth for the vast majority of our existence, living in harmony with our tribe and nature.


"This book is the most important book of our lifetime without a doubt."

"It changed everything I thought I knew about healthy eating and many things I thought I knew about the world we live in."

"Spells out in simple terms where we are, what has gone wrong and sets us on a better path for the future"

"This book should be read by as many people as possible and the knowledge then passed on to future generations."

"I can't imagine the time it took to research and write this masterpiece!"

"The best read of the year!"

"The Red Pill Food Revolution took me to a whole new level. This will open your eyes to how and why we've become sicker."