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The Sib - By Grandad Dave

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The Sib is your guidebook to living a great, joyous, happy life, full of love, purpose and meaning

  • Gain control of your destiny
  • You decide and choose how to live your life
  • Be alive with an unbounded energy for life
  • Develop an unbreakable spirit
  • Build a rock solid resilient mindset
  • Find inner calmness and contentment
  • Live in peace harmony and tranquility
  • Cherish, love and support one another
  • Envision life as a joyous adventure to be treasured
  • Timeless principles to live your life to the fullest
  • Relish the sheer joy and happiness of living

The Sib is a blueprint for humanity to be exceptional

What is The Sib?

The Sib is a set of teachings, attitudes and practices that guide you to live a great, joyous, contented life filled with love, happiness, goals, dreams, aspirations and a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

The Sib is not just a set of principles and values, it is also something that you can be.


Being The Sib means taking whole responsibility for every aspect, every consequence of your life, whether good or not so good, whether at work, rest or play. You have personal sovereignty: you possess the supreme and ultimate power over your own life.


The Sib shows how you could communicate and interact with other people. A fundamental essence of The Sib is helping others and treating them with consideration, patience, kindliness, humaneness, friendliness, sympathy, compassion, tolerance, understanding, fairness and respect.

The Sib also gives guidance on ethics, virtues, wisdom, mindset, human nature, behaviour, ambitions, health, wealth, conflict, leadership, liberty, oppression, nature and much more.


The Sib guides you to be the best possible you.


Why is it called The Sib?

The word Sib originates from the Old English sibb, sibben, sibbian, sibbien, sibbegeriht, sibsum, sibraeden siblufu, the Germanic sippe, sippen, sibjo, sibjuu, sibjaz, sinjona,and the Middle Dutch sibbe, sibbegenoot.


These words have the following definitions:

  • Humanity, relationship, companion, affinity;
  • Rejoicing, spiritual gossip;
  • Friendliness, friendship, friendly, happiness, kindness, love, the opposite of hostility;
  • Sympathy, understanding;
  • Peace, to reconcile, bring together, the opposite of war;
  • Peace, concord, unity, to unite, harmony, to make peace, the opposite of conflict;
  • Peace, tranquility, serenity, freedom from disturbance or molestation;
  • Peace of mind, security, freedom from agitation or fear;
  • Brother, sister, relative, family, kin, kindred, kinship, kinsman, kinswoman, akin;


The Sib incorporates the above definitions with other values and virtues to create a bigger whole.


This is comprised of the following (as denoted on The Sib Circle):

Love, Joy, Happy, Integrity, Honesty, Humility, Patience, Peace, Compassion, Tolerance, Courage, Creativity, Intuition, Respect, Gratitude, Inspiration, Friendly, Nurturing, Liberty, Personal Sovereignty, Freedoms, Wisdom, Truth, Contentment, Tranquility, Harmony, Humanity.


Who is The Sib for?

The Sib is for everyone. Wherever you are in life, whatever your situation is, no matter what age you are, The Sib has something to offer you. It is a blueprint of how humanity could be exceptional.