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Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Our Cheshire Shop is open pop in and see us, or Order Online. Find out more >
Raw Foods

If you would like to eat a healthy, raw food diet we keep a great selection of tasty, exciting foods to help you.

  • To begin with we have our fantastic range of raw dairy products, including 3 varieties of butter, cream, creme fraiche and many cheeses.
  • Organic fruit and vegetables. We have a much wider variety than is normally seen in supermarkets. Our produce is always sourced locally where we can and foods are supplied in season. We do have a selection of fresh organic produce from Europe to ensure we always have a broad choice available, regardless of what the British weather is doing. 
  • We have loads of good quality and organic seeds, beans, grains, nuts and lentils to soak and sprout. We also have ready sprouted organic bean sprouts delivered fresh each week, including the ever popular broccoli seed sprouts.
  • In the freezer we always have a range of organic frozen berries, great to add to smoothies etc - they are delicious. 
  • Superfoods - foods that are highly regarded for their nutritional value are also very popular. Needless to say, we have a great selection, including  raw frozen organic sea buckthorn juice to really boost your vitamin C and anti-oxidants. 
  • We have a great selection of really raw honey from the UK and Europe, if you fancy something sweet.
  • If you would like to supplement with fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids we have fermented cod liver oil, concentrated butter oil and extra virgin cod liver oil - all raw and minimally processed.
  • "Live" traditionally fermented foods are a worthwhile and delicious addition to a raw food diet (for more info see our page on Fermented Foods). Lacto-fermented or Cultured foods are raw, extremely nutritious and very digestible. We have loads to choose from. Sauerkraut is always popular, we have both red and white cabbage krauts, and we have kimchi (without fish sauce), salsa, several different mixed veg ferments and sauerkraut and kimchi juices not forgetting our selection of live miso. We have live kefir, goat's milk yoghurt and drink like kombucha and jun.

Many "raw foodies" are vegan and we have loads of choices here for you - but for those that arenʼt, in our fridge there is a wide selection of raw milk cheeses to tempt you.

We are one of only a few shops in the country to have a regular supply of hand made raw, cultured butter produced to the highest standards. We have an unsalted, a finely salted and a crunchy salted one. All the salt used comes from the Noirmoutier region in France, where the traditional practice of harvesting unrefined Celtic sea salt is still followed. From the same dairy we have a regular supply of raw cultured cream - a live and raw crème fraiche - so tasty and so useful. We also have raw fresh cream from a local farm that can be used in so many ways, it is really lovely. There is much evidence to show that because it is raw, these kinds of dairy products are able to be digested by many people who struggle to digest pasteurised dairy products. 

We have a really high quality raw organic goat’s milk that is a great choice for people who struggle with cow’s milk. 

If you are looking into making your own natural milk formula for your baby, as described in the book The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare by Sally Fallon Morell and Thomas Cowan, we can help you and possibly supply you with the ingredients you may need.

Our frozen meat and fish is of a very high quality. We have used it to make marinated raw dishes, such as steak tartare and salmon tartare.

 ... a further selection of raw foods we have in the shop…

  • Wide Range of Raw Chocolate
  • Raw Cacao Butter
  • Raw Cacao Powder
  • Raw Chocolate Spread
  • Various Raw Nut and Seed Butters
  • Raw Tahini
  • Raw Honey
  • Raw Olives
  • Raw Snack Bars
  • Raw Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils including Olive Oil, Coconut, Sesame, Avocado, Hemp, Black Seed Oil etc.

We are adding to the selection all the time, so drop in the see what we have.

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