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Chabichou Raw Goat's Cheese approx 160g

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Raw farmhouse goat's cheese from the Poitou Charentes region of France

Ingredients:  Unpasteurised goat's milk, salt, lactic acid ferments, animal rennet


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The Poitou in the west of France has been famous for its goats cheeses since the Moors introduced the animal in the Middle Ages to make the most of the excellent local pastures.

The Chabichou is one of the traditional local recipes and was given the AOC label in 1990.

This Chabichou is a farmhouse cheese made by the Valentin family.

Matured for 10 to 20 days, it has a fine and dense texture that is quite soft on a young cheese, and becomes crumblier as it ages. A beautiful ivory colour, it is covered by a thin, creased rind that can be dotted with blue mould as it matures. The outstanding quality of the milk means that the flavours are full and perfectly balanced: slightly savoury with earthy, mineral notes.

It is perfect with a dry white wine from the Loire Valley.

A special treat for goats cheese enthusiasts.