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Our Cheshire shop is open and delivering around the UK >

Waterfall D-Mannose 100 x 500mg tablets

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Box contains 2 flip-top pocket dispensers

Pure D-Mannose Tablets

Waterfall D-Mannose has won many awards over recent years, and has rightly earned its place as one of the mostrespected brands in the bladder health and food supplement market in the UK.

Product Awards
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How to take D-Mannose Tablets

Waterfall D-Mannoserequirements often vary from person to person. Try find the best balance for your own needs.

Suggested Guidelines:

Immediate Support - for accute conditions

2 or 3 tablets every 2 - 3 hours and 1 more in the night,if neccesary.

Ongoing Support

2 or 3 tablets before bed.

Sex-related Support

2 or 3 tablets around one hour before sex, and again soon after. You may need to take again for the next day or two.

Ponits to consider

There are research papers showing that bacteria can thrive in an acidic environment. Try avoiding acidifying foods and drinks, such as orange and cranberry as it can have significant benefits. This is contrary to popular beliefs - but give it a try if you are experiencing on going issues.

Sweet Curesprovide you with access to their dedicated and professional support team - available by phone or email to answer any of your product queries.

Ingredients:Per tablet: 1000mg Pure Bio-Active D-Mannose (Vegetarian Magnesium Stearate and HPMC film coating less than 0.1g)

Pure 1000mgWaterfall D-Mannosetablets, formed through pressure and therefore are without unwanted excipients, binders and fillers.

The WDM stamp on every tablet guarantees Sweet Cures unique content and quality.

Waterfall D-Mannosetablets are a food supplement and have no known side effects.