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Nose to Tail Eating Should Include the Blood - don't be squeamish - black pudding is delicious!

Nose to Tail Eating Should Include the Blood - don't be squeamish - black pudding is delicious!

I have long believed that if I am going to eat animal foods, out of respect I should make the very most of the animal and be prepared to use every bit I can. 

There is always a pan of bone broth on the go in our house and we have a cup every day after breakfast. It helps set us up for the day. 

We try to eat offal every week too, liver, kidney and heart. Cooking pig skin into cracklings is always a favourite and is gone in a flash!

Many people forget that the blood is a really nutritious part of the animal and today is often overlooked. In the past it was never wasted. In the UK blood sausages were made, we call them Black Pudding and it is a favourite sliced and cooked with bacon and eggs. There is so much more that can be done with this tasty ingredient. Look here for some inspirational recipes

Egg and Black Pudding - St. John’s Bread & Wine, London, United Kingdom

Quality black pudding used to be difficult to find as all blood was pasteurised and dried before use. This kind of processing denatured the qualities that had been enjoyed for so many generations. The texture and flavour suffered. 

We now have a wonderful blood sausage made with fresh blood collected from pigs that have been used for meat close by to this artisan producer. Buy here.

The Fruit Pig Black Pudding

It is evident in the enjoyment that this is a quality food. Blood sausage is rich in nutrients like iron, potassium, vitamin D, B12 and zinc, plus a good amount of quality fats and protein to sustain energy levels.

Eating food from the healthiest and happiest well cared for animals makes sense to us as they will, in turn, be the best to support our ongoing health and wellness. We only sell animal products from farms and producers that can show they are doing a wonderful job.

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